The muso copped a bit of stick for posting the song – which comes in at a pushing the friendship 14 minutes 41 seconds – the day before his band mate Harry Judd’s wedding appeared in Hello magazine.

He put acknowledgments to his ushers, the bridesmaids, parents and, eventually, his wife Giovanna, to the tune of some of his bands hits.

The 27-year-old told guests he didn’t know how to write a speech, but he could write a song. “Recently I’ve been, having a wedding, I’ve married this girl, who’s out of this world, believe me.”

He even made special mention of TOWIE star and his wife brother, who designed his suit.

On his gazumping Judd, Fletcher took to Twitter: “I read that article about me posting it to try and “steal Harry’s thunder”. I had no idea his wedding article was coming out this week!”

It’s OK Fletch, no sensible person could care less. 

Image via Youtube