The Noikia outrage occurred during a performance by Slovakian musician Lukas Kmit who was giving a viola recital in a Jewish orthodox synagogue in Slovakia.

When the phone went off interrupting him, Kmit responded by playing back the instantly-recognisable Nokia ringtone, to the delight of an audience who broke into applause.

As thousands watched the clip on Youtube, it has been suggested that the video may in fact by a clever piece of viral marketing by Nokia itself. Either way, it’s pretty funny.

The musician’s humorous response to the ringtone intrusion is in contrast to a recent incident at a New York Philharmonic concert earlier this month when an iPhone’s Marimba ringtone caused the entire orchestra to be halted.

For those impressed by Kmit’s classical rendering of the Nokia ringtone, here’s the guitar piece on which it was originally based. 


And if you really can’t get enough classical versions of the Nokia ringtone…