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Australian cabinet minister Craig Emerson didn’t let a few shaky chords get in the way of a rendition of the 1975 Skyhooks single Horror Movie, when he was interviewed by ABC News Australia.

The minister for trade even showed his skills as a lyricist, changing the words to ‘no Whyalla wipeout, there on my TV” in reference to conservative opposition leader Tony Abbot’s claim the government’s controversial carbon tax would wipe steel town Whyalla “off the map”.

Perhaps Emerson should hold fire on his X Factor audition.

Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey lambasted Emerson’s tuneful (tuneless?) stunt, describing him as a “circus clown” who is being flippant about serious issues in Australia.

He added the people of Whyalla and other industrial towns are concerned the penalty on carbon emissions could cost jobs.

However, Emerson stands by his performance, asking his poor singing not be taken as a reflection of his abilities as minister.

“What we’re making light of is Mr Abbott’s doom and gloom prophecies,” he said.

“Singing is not right up there with my other abilities, but I was trying to get an important point through here. And that is, we’ve had a year or more of Mr Abbott terrifying communities and they have taken this to heart – they have been very worried.”

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