The film is adapted from the Reacher novels by Lee Childs, about a renegade cop, the literary series’ ninth instalment One Shot being the source material for this first film in a proposed franchise.

Jack Reacher is adapted for the screen and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who penned The Usual Suspects.  

As the trailer, via a voiceover explains, Reacher “Doesn’t care about proof, he doesn’t care about the law, he only cares about what is right.”

There was fun online uproar initially when Cruise was cast as Reacher, mostly because the diminutive Hollywood star is a far cry from the 6’5” tall, towering man mountain that the character is in the novels. 

“Tom Cruise Is Jack Reacher” read the giant promo for the film that graced May’s  Cannes film festival, as if to appease the fans for whom the actor was not the way they had seen Reacher in their minds.

Physical likeness means little though, as it is surely more important that the spirit of the character is carried over to the film, or that the film is just good on its own merit. 

It looks like Cruise’s height will matter little to the film’s success though. What could be more damaging is the current, and very public, divorce that Cruise and ex-wife Katie Holmes are embroiled in, and the rumours that Cruise’s scientology beliefs played a role in this.

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