Contostavlos posted a webcam video on YouTube and publicly admitted to fans that she was the woman in the leaked tape which has caused storm online this week.

The tape shows Tulisa performing oral sex on ex-boyfriend, MC Justin ‘Ultra’ Edwards, who she appears to blame for the video finding its way into the public domain.

“This is something he took upon himself to put the footage online” she says in the video, “and now he’s sitting in silence and pretending that it’s not him on the tape when it is.”

Tulisa holds up a photo of showing her and ex-lover MC Justin ‘Ultra’ Edwards during the confession video

In the brave confession (watch below) Contostavlos sets the record straight without the help of managers, representatives or public relations staff. However, lawyers representing the singer had managed to slap a ban on websites publishing the intimate pornographic film on both sides of the Atlantic.

“I’ve never been the type – regardless of being in the public eye – to sit down and keep my mouth shut about anything, especially when I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I’m not going sit here and be violated or taken advantage of. It’s out now, there is nothing I can do about it, but I felt I needed to tell my side of the story.”

Contostavlos talked about her past relationship, which had been on and off for 17 years, and feeling betrayed by her ex-lover when she heard rumours that the tape has started to be circulated six months ago.

“I practically moved in with him, I loved him deeply, had a lot of respect for him, we talked about kids and marriage. I got my record label to give him a singles deal. I never expected a scenario like this.”

Watch the dramatic confession below

Images: YouTube