For all sorts of gamers, this is a pivotal point in history and for casino lovers who enjoy the thrill of chance and the live connections of playing, virtual reality is set to revolutionise their gaming. In fact, technology has always led the way for dedicated gamblers and over the decades casinos have innovated and adapted, embracing fresh technology as it has been introduced to the market. Virtual reality is simply the next step. Let’s take a look at the journey so far.

Land based casinos

Chance games have been around since time began – even the ancient Greeks and the Romans enjoyed a little risk in the name of fun. But when did the first premises to host gambling games open? It’s thought that that honour goes to a gambling house in Venice, which as early as 1638 was inviting players in for a fun evening’s entertainment. Gambling was first legalised in America in 1931 and, bit by bit, more and more people cottoned on to casinos as leisure venues. Today, of course, most big cities have at least one casino and often more.

Online casinos

The first online casinos came about in the mid 1990s. During this period all of the essential technological elements came together to make online gambling possible for the first time. Although the systems used and the games played were much simpler than they are today, this decade marked a real shift for the industry. For casino lovers, at least those few who were also early adopters of technologies, online gambling opened up entirely new and exciting worlds. Today’s players, compared with those early pioneers, enjoy incredible ease and flexibility when it comes to visiting online casinos. Using their choice of devices, users can log-in anytime from anywhere and get going. In fact, online casinos are now so popular that they have become the catalyst for a real shift in perceptions of gambling as a past time. In some countries, especially in Latin America, legislation has been changed to be more permissive towards online gambling because the activity has had such a positive impact on economies.

Virtual Reality (VR) casinos

The next frontier for casinos is virtual reality. This technology is truly poised to revolutionise the way we think of a casino experience. Gamblers in the not too distant future will be able to settle back on the sofa, put on a headset and step into the casino of their choice. A sawdust and spit saloon or a James Bond style boudoir casino, complete with martinis and glamorous croupiers! Whatever they want, they’ll be able to see it and experience it at the touch of a button, moving through the space as though they were living it. 

Whether you’re a real world casino patron or you currently love to play online there’s no denying that virtual reality presents a wonderful new world of casino experiences everyone will want to try out!