Marmite and Innocent have teamed up to create a smoothie blending the fruity flavours of mangoes and passion fruit with the savoury kick of the UK’s favourite spread

Initial reports suggest mixed reaction from tating trials across the country, but should be met with approval from nutritionists – the new flavour provides two of an adults five-a-day, as well as being a great source of B vitamins.

Lizzie McManus, 26 from London, described the smoothie as ‘breakfast in a bottle’.

 “I didn’t think it would work, but it does. It gives me the chance to enjoy Marmite at the same time as having two of my five a day,” she said.

“Sometimes I can get a bit lazy, but this way I’ll never skip my first meal of the day again.”

But Matthew Fletcher-Jones, 35, from Newport wasn’t convinced believing that the drink had ‘gone off’.

“It’s a bit weird, but I suppose some peopel like that sort of thing,” he said.

And in Fulham, April Fewls, 21, said she would even be sending some to her relatives in New Zeland to help them through the current Marmite shortage crisis the country was currently experiencing.

“It taste so good,” she said. “ Mum and Dad and the brothers will lap this up. They’ll be the envy off all their friends.”

Nicky Waymark from Marmite, said: “The idea of having Marmite and fruit together is a constant talking point on our Facebook page so when fans began calling for an Innocent smoothie, we decided to create something you would yeast expect”.

Richard Reed, co-founder of innocent drinks, says: “We’ve been inventing a totally different taste sensation.  Although a mangoes & marmite smoothie blend may sound a little bit odd to some people, we know that if they just try it they’ll see why we’re so excited about it. ”

The Marmite and mango smoothie is priced from £1.50, in supermarkets from today.