The Icelandic volcanic ash is set to cause disruptions until well into this week, creating yet more havoc for anyone with flights booked in or out of Europe.

For the latest advice on when flights will resume, see the National Air Traffic Service for advice. But for information about your own particular flight, it’s best to contact your airline directly.

If your flight is cancelled, airlines should offer you a refund, or rebook you on an alternative flight. However, if you book alternative travel arrangements, it’s unlikely your airline will refund you money if you change your travel plans, ie by travelling by bus or train instead.

Package holidays are covered by separate regulations to individual flights. Your trip provider should be able to provide guidance on your options if flight cancellations/delays are going to severely impact on your holiday. If a flight disruption will make a big dent in your holiday, you are entitled to cancel the trip and get a refund.

Unless you have actually checked in for a flight that has then been delayed or cancelled, you will not be able to claim for meals, accommodation, expenses and so forth.

As to whether you can use your travel insurance claim for accommodation, hire car or a tour that you are unable to use because of a flight cancellation, it really depends on the small print of your policy. Some providers, such as Direct Line and Aviva, will cover you in the case of cancellations due to ‘acts of God’ while others will not.

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