World Cup organisers may ban the infamous vuvuzela after complaints from players, fans and broadcasters.

The plastic horns have been accused of being a danger to hearing and of drowning out singing, commentary and even players’ interaction with each other.

However, local fans are furious, saying that the horn is part of South African football-supporting tradition.

Saffa comedian Trevor Noah Tweeted: “After 1 weekend Europe wants to ban the vuvuzela – if only they acted this fast when banning slavery :-)”

Vuvuzelas have been handed out for free at stadiums at the World Cup matches. But critics say it is a danger to hearing and fans have described their noise as being like a swarm of mosquitoes or bees.

World Cup boss Danny Jordaan told BBC Sport he would ban the vuvuzela “if there are grounds to do so.”

“We did say that if any land on the pitch in anger we will take action,” he said.

Meanwhile, France captain Patrice Evra has blamed the noise for waking the team in their hotel and stopping the players from hearing each other on the pitch.

Twitter is inundated with angry vuvuzela supporters.

Hanneswessels tweeted: “this is africa brother, if its too loud, you’re too old.”

If Fifa does ban the plastic trumpet from World Cup matches then supporters can always download the Vuvuzela iPhone app.

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