Mrjoree (his eBay membership name) from London has put the mirror up for sale on the auction website with an ominous warning for all those thinking that a little period furniture might make their own flat look less crappy.

“Since we put it up [the mirror] in our flat we have had nothing but bad luck, misery, financial problems and illness.” The description says. 

The flatmates supposedly rescued the mirror from outside a council estate when the landlord had supposedly dumped it in amongst a pile of other refuse.

Mrjoiee describes himself and his flatmate waking up, “screaming in pain”, and having a constant feeling of impending doom when they were home.

“Our original suspicions were that somebody was performing some kind of voodoo or Black magic on us,” he wrote.

“Truthfully, we both love the look of the mirror … but just being around this mirror gives me the creeps and makes me feel sick to my stomach.”

“I would ideally like it to go to somebody who has experience with the paranormal/supernatural and knows what they are getting themselves in for.”

Needless to say nobody has left any bids yet.