Water sommelier Martin Riese, based in California, is a professional h20 specialist providing menus of subtly different waters to compliment different foods at high end restaurants – with the demand coming in from his customers for 40 different varieties of the wet stuff.

The complicated variations of flavour in water depend upon the total dissolved solids (TDS) level. “That means it all about the minerals, for example like magnesium, calcium, sodium, silica and so on,” he told news.com.au.

“You can ask every woman in Italy – everybody knows that the quality of dough for pasta depends of the quality of the water.”

Riese has now created a super posh product named  Beverly Hills 90H2O, for those that want to splash out on something special, coming in at the same price as a decent bottle of wine, which he calls the “champagne of the water world.”

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A bottle of Beverly Hills 90H2O (image via beverlywater.com)

“It’s for me, every day, amazing when I can see that I am changing people’s view about water.”