Darrin Luke Edwards, 19, Tyler Lee Jones, 21, and James Joseph Smith, 18 were all arrested after the chicken’s owner spotted the three men dragging the giant bird down the street of San Mateo, Fla.

Ben Smith – the statue’s owner – claimed that he was awoken by a ruckus outside his home at around 6am on Tuesday. He ran outside to see his prized chicken statue chained to the back of a Chevrolet truck being dragged down the street. It is alleged by Smith that one of the would be thieves rode the chicken as it was being dragged behind the truck for the best part of a mile.

News 4 Jax report that after awhile the three men decided to abandon their sport, unchaining the chicken and leaving it sitting in the middle of the road. They fled the scene, but were spotted by a number of witnesses.

Detective Shannon Depew said that the suspects were located the next day from “information provided by eyewitnesses and video surveillance on the property.”

According to the Huffington Post the statue – valued at over $2000 – sustained damage to its beak, leg and side in the attempted robbery.

Both Tyler Jones and James Smith were released from custody having had their $1000 bails posted, however Darrin Edwards remains behind bars due to his having violated probation for a previous misdemeanor.

In this case you could say that fowl is fair and fair is decidedly fowl. Who steals a chicken anyway?

Image: blackheartgoldpants.com – not actual chicken that was stolen.