You shouldn’t have to sacrifice good wages and worthwhile career experience in order to explore the globe. Case in point: working in the legalsector abroad.

A job with an Australian law firm is a great way to earn a steady income, work towards possible sponsorship opportunities, and pad your CV for prospective employers.

Plus legal work is not just for graduates of Harvard Law. Besides lawyers, law firms look to hire anyone from legal secretaries and paralegals to mail room clerks and receptionists. 

“With the unemployment rate so low and the skills shortage across the legal industry, there has been great demand for legal temps in all States,” explains Sherri Hodson from Legal Eagles.

Qualifications for working in the legal sector are fairly standard across the country. To a traveller, this might mean the difference between staying in one spot and having the flexibility to see more of Oz while having a steady job.

And if you’re hoping to stay in Australia after your Working Holiday visa runs out, legal work is a pathway toward sponsorship.

Rates of pay tend to be high for law temping as well, with the average legal secretary earning around $24 to $32 an hour at the start. Depending on previous experience and actual job duties, though, the wages may be higher.

And while some experience is helpful, of course, it is not always necessary.

“We look for someone who has a keen desire to work. Being enthusiastic and willing to work is more important than the qualifications and experience,” says Sally Higham from LegalPersonnel. 
“The rest is easy to pick up.”

According to Higham, most law firms offer training for their employees.

So all you really need is some dedication and perhaps a general understanding of Aussie law. But even that is negotiable.