Eating local food is part of the fun of travelling and many a day when you’re on the road is spent wondering what to eat next! Here are five of the world’s best eating locations.

1. Paella in Valencia

What: The Spanish city of Valencia is where you’ll experience the most authentic and tasty paella. First brought to Valencia in the 11th century by the Arabic people, paella quickly became a popular staple in the Valencian diet. Try a lobster or black rice paella (made from squid ink) at the famous La Pepica restaurant, in front of Las Arenas beach, for just €12.
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World's best food destinations - Mole in Oacaca

2. Mole in Oaxaca

What: Mexico’s gastronomy capital, Oaxaca, is the place to get your nashers stuck into mole poblano, chicken breast smeared in a rich chocolate and chilli sauce. Wash down Mexico’s speciality dish with a slug of tequila, but go easy on the shots; there is a truth behind the slogan ‘one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.’
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World's top food destinations - Mussels in Brussels

3. Mussels in Brussels

What: Mussels with garlic, mussels with white wine, mussels with tomatoes. When it comes to mussels from Brussels, the varieties are endless and they are always on the menu – normally served with chips (moules frites).
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World's top food destinations - Goulash in Budapest

4. Goulash in Budapest

What: Slurp a bowl of goulash, a soup-like culinary delight, in Budapest. Spiked with paprika, dishes are rich in texture. Try traditional goulash with dumplings at Bagolyvar Etterem for about £4 as a starter.
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World's top food destinations - Fundue in Fribourg

5. Fondue in Fribourg

What: Hidden gem Fribourg, near Bern, is the best place to enjoy fondue in Switzerland. Diners use a long fork to dip bread, boiled potatoes and vegetables into a steaming pot of melted cheese, set over a paraffin burner.
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 Words: Janine Kelso