If you like being scared then check out our definitive list of the world’s spookiest holiday destinations.

1. Transylvania, Romania

What: Author Bram Stoker’s creepy Count Dracula was said to be based on Romanian tyrant Vlad the Impaler who impaled his enemies on stakes. Visit atmospheric Bran Castle in Transylvania, now a museum, where bad boy Vlad spent time. With its narrow staircases, dark passageways and vaulted halls, the castle has a sinister feel.
Get more info: brancastlemuseum.com

York, England

2. York, England

What: Branded Europe’s most haunted city, York’s shadowy snickleways, narrow winding alleyways and looming buildings are thought to be awash with things that go bump in the night. Hear macabre tales of the city by taking a nightly ghost tour.
Get more info: visityork.org

Whitby, England

3. Whitby, England

What: Whitby is home to a twice-yearly Gothic Weekend festival (next one: October 28-31). Crash at gothic guest house Bats and Broomsticks, for its four-poster beds and Victorian decor. Normals (non-goths) are allowed to stay here, according to its website.
Get more info: visitwhitby.com

Salem, USA

4. Salem, USA

What: Home to the infamous witchcraft trials of 1626, Salem, in Massachusetts, offers witchy attractions as well as a slew of so-called haunted houses. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the Witch House, where the witch trials took place.
Get more info: salemweb.com

Spooky - Paris

5. Catacombs, Paris

What: Paris’s underground cemetery, known as Catacombes de Paris, is a network of caverns and tunnels where Parisiens put the bones of their dead for almost 30 years in the mid-1700s when cemeteries ran out of space.
Get more info: parisinfo.com

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