The amusing people over at are collecting images of the world’s most WTF souvenirs. Things that make you wonder just how terrifying the inside of some people’s homes must be. Camel bollocks bottle openers, mini Luxor pyramid? Really? If you’ve brought something even naffer back from your travels, send it in!

The ultimate Bogan accesory?

We think Obama rocks too but we’re not sure this is the ultimate accolade.

Wrong on so many levels we’re embarrassed just thinking about it.

These shot glasses are sure to impress your date.

Unethical, ugly and possibly a bit smelly.

Show off your knowledge of American history with this Mount Rushmore lamp.

Classy, sexy, instant French chic. Ahem.

Actually this is quite cute, if slightly misformed.

We hope this is only bought as an ironic gift.

We’re sure the pope is delighted to help open your beer bottles.

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