X Factor producers are being accused of masterminding vulnerable contestant Ceri Rees to be set up for a major fall.

The 54-year-old was rejected by the judges for the fouth time in six years, in front of 11 million viewers on Sunday night.

After previously having a run-in with former judge Simon Cowell, Rees considered her chances to be better now the entertainment mogul is no longer on the panel. She even brought a bunch of flowers for her favourite judge Louie Walsh.

But it was all in vain and she was humiliatingly rejected after being enticed to return.

Vocal coach Amanda Roberts, who gives the obviously tone-deaf Rees free singing lessons, claims that show staff “pursued” Ceri – offering to pay hotel accomodation and pay her train fare.

Roberts said she begged X Factor bosses not to put her pupil back on the

popular show.

 “I rang the producers and told them it

would not be good for her. They said, ‘What are you, her doctor?’ We

had a right slanging match.”

 “X Factor producers and judges should hang their heads in shame.

They are exploiting a frail and vulnerable lady. I cried my eyes out

when I heard she was on the X Factor.”


are increasingly concerned about Ceri’s state of mind. She is being

supported by her mum and dad, who are both in their 80s, but was not at

her one bedroom flat in Bridgend yesterday.

It has been reportered Rees hasn’t stopped crying since her humiliating experience