Fancy tucking into a helping of Reindeer this Christmas? Vegetarian activists are up in arms over Harvey Nic’s tinned meat treat.

The tin of pat, which features the slogan sure to get the heckles up of any veggy or sentimental Christmassy types reads ‘Farm raised relative of Rudolph’. They are priced at £15 a tin, which includes “selected cuts of reindeer, seasoned with cognac and spices”

Ikea and Lidl once sold Swedish reindeer meat in its stores, which went down badly with many UK consumers.

“Interestingly Reindeer is growing in popularity in the UK as, like venison, it is low in fat, which some people prefer in their diet.” a spokesman for the store told the Daily Mail.

‘We have already sold out from our Knightsbridge store and due to the publicity it has received it has become a top seller on our website too. The reindeer we stock is farmed in Sweden and complies to EU legislation, in a similar way that we would farm sheep or cattle in this country.”

Among other unusual treats on the Harvey Nichols website are tins of giant toasted ants and barbecue flavoured dried worms. Certainly makes a change from twiglets and cheesy nibbles.