The proposal is like the big event before the actual main event, the wedding. You could not have the latter unless you were able to get the former done. And you should do it in style — unless you mean to have several weddings in your lifetime, the engagement only happens once.

If you have the resources, planning an elaborate proposal may be good for your relationship. It is an important milestone befitting to consider as a grand event. Speaking of grand, what other way to ask your beloved’s hand in marriage than while you are on a picturesque getaway? A destination engagement is everything memorable and romantic, but how do you plan it? It does not look like it at first sight, but the nitty-gritty details are far more complicated than just getting down on one knee with a ring at hand. Here are a few notes:

  1. Choose a suitable location. It may seem simple, but it can be tricky to decide on the destination. You have to consider a lot of things, from the kind of proposal you want to pull off to the time of the year, the weather season, and the personality of your loved one. The last is obviously the most significant factor as it could make or break the event for both of you. Although everyone is into beach proposals, if your partner is not fond of the sun, sea, and sand, it may not nail the proposal the way you want to. So be thoughtful when choosing the location. Do not pick it at random.
  2. Prepare the ring. Much of the anticipation in an engagement is attributed to the ring — how it looks like, if it is an heirloom or handcrafted, if it’s actually a diamond ring, etc. Some people find it utterly romantic to have a ring attached with sentimental value, having it passed on from an important family member. It signifies the family’s approval of the union and their commitment to embracing the other person as one of their own. However, you have to ensure it fits, so consider getting a ring resized before you go too far.
  3. Get help from event experts or, at least, a professional photographer. How many people you need to work with behind the scenes depends on the kind of proposal you want to make. Are you going for a modest just-you-and-me proposal over dinner against a scenic sunset by the beach or something like a flash mob? In any case, arrange help from suppliers in your chosen destination, so everything is ironed out before you get there. Proposals are meant to have an element of surprise. When you get there, you should be hands-off already so your partner would not have the slightest idea about your plans. It will only work if you have everything organized before you arrive. Any proposal would require a professional photographer, a unique setup, and fresh blooms.

A destination proposal is one of the most romantic and memorable events you’ll have in your life. Make it that way by planning thoroughly.