Thankfully Harry, the owner, explained that assumption was common, and while they is tasty ceviche on the menu, Senor Ceviche also wanted to showcase the best of Peruvian BBQ food.

No sooner was I in the restaurant than a Pisco Sour was thrust into my hand – instantly I thought: this is my kind of place. The drink itself (Machu Pisco, lime juice, egg white, Chuncho bitters) was light and refreshing and incredibly easy to drink.

The décor reflected the energy in the room and is a nod to Lima’s boho Barranco District, open-plan with bright street-art posters decorating the walls. As we sat down for dinner I noticed nearly every table in the house was full– not bad for 6.30 on a Wednesday evening.

For starters we had Quinoa Croquettas served with a pineapple salsa followed by Seabream and BBQ Jerusalem Artichoke Ceviche. Both were immense – the tanginess of the salsa was the perfect complement to the cheesy croquettas. The Seabream was full of flavour, exactly the way it should be and the Tigers milk just added that extra kick.

Paired with our starters was a Chase BBQ cocktail with smoky vodka. I must admit I not normally a vodka fan but everything good in the world is in that vodka. Should vodka bottles have feelings it would have been heartened by the approving sounds it generated around the table.

The main course was a delightful trio of grilled beef heart skewers (Anticucho De Res), an entire octopus tentacle (Anticucho De Pulpo) and slow cooked baby back ribs. It was my first foray into beef hearts and I can tell you now it won’t be my last. It was tender with a slight chew to it and without any of the awful flavours of liver. The ribs were doused in Nikkei BBQ sauce and bore all the hallmarks of any decent ribs; the meat was tender and came off the bone with ease. Easily the dish of the evening was the octopus. It had just enough bite and the smoky flavours combined well with its juiciness.

The mains was accompanied by sweet potato fries with a aji rocotto mayo which I could eat by the bucket load and Nikkei Greens – a nod to vegetables with baby spinach, green beans and sugar snap peas with pecans, botija, olives, raisins and a Nikkei BBQ dressing. All of this was washed down with a glass of Finca Los Primo Malbec – time and time again I repeat – you can never go wrong with a Malbec.

Despite having no room left I managed a small piece of dessert but the most noteworthy thing here was their take on an Espresso Martini (Machu pisco, Khalua, Peruvian Tunki coffee) which they served alongside dessert. It was sweet, rich and oh so decadent.

I’m not sure who Senor Ceviche is or he’ll be showing up at BBQ week, either way I raise to Pisco Sour to him and when you go, I really suggested you do, you’ll taste why.

London BBQ Week runs from 30th May – 5th June and the food menu from Senior Ceviche is £30pp – I’m going again, I’ll see you there!

Senior Ceviche, 1st floor Kingly Court, W1B 5PW.