In some casinos, you will come across Keno. This is a form of lottery game where the player gets a card that has been numbered 1 – 80. Before the game starts, the player needs to pick out 20 numbers and place his or her wager. Your card is then registered along with your bet and the game begins. 20 numbers are then drawn and called out. Each number needs to be matched with the numbers on the card. The more number the player can get the bigger the win will be.


No casino is complete without Roulette! On a Roulette table, you will find the numbers 0-36 and 00 laid out for you. You will also notice that the table is also split into sections with different bets on it. For example, evens and odds, low 18 and high 18, etc… Players will also have chips that contain different values. You can place up to 5 bets on a spin and spread them across the table. The wheel is then spun and if the ball lands on any of your numbers then you have a win!


Blackjack is one of the easiest games to play and is considered to have some of the best odds of winning. When you play Blackjack, you will be playing against the dealer and nobody else. You get two cards to get 21. The bets are placed, and cards dealt. The dealer’s card is placed face up and the other card is placed face down. You must try to get 21 with their cards and try not to go bust.  As you play Blackjack you will get to learn more about the types of bet and strategies.


There are no escaping slots when you go to any casino! Each casino has a world of slots waiting for players. Slots offer players great variety when it comes to themes, prizes, types of bets, jackpots, and more. Each slot game is highly entertaining in its way. Some of the Jackpots can be triggered at any time as you play, rewarding the players with a large payout. This is just one of the reasons slots are hugely popular.

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