India boasts a rich history of traditional games that have entertained generations across the sprawling subcontinent. These games encapsulate integral pieces of the country’s living heritage.

Beyond just recreation, traditional Indian games have also long served cultural purposes as they help strengthen community bonds, teach values, and preserve regional diversity.

In recent years, many classic Indian games have ventured into the digital world via mobile apps and websites. This online shift has opened new avenues for these cultural mainstays to capture interest globally.

Understanding the story behind these games illuminates their lasting impact, and experiencing their online versions firsthand lets one appreciate how Indian gaming tradition continues to captivate in the digital age.

In this article, let’s have a look at India’s most popular traditional games that you can now enjoy online.

Traditional Indian Games You Can Now Play Online

We’re now in the digital era, and technology has created new vehicles for traditional local games to stay relevant. Mobile apps and website versions have translated classics like Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, carom, and many more to the online space.

This digital evolution also connects distant players and enables global exposure to traditionally hyperlocal games. Friends and families separated geographically can now share the joy of a round of Ludo. Enthusiasts outside India can discover and learn games like Carom through free tutorials and AI opponents.

Online versions additionally solve past practicality issues that hindered regular gameplay of certain titles. Consider bulky board games like Chausar—not the most travel-friendly item. Mobile apps handily condense elements down and eliminate setup/storage needs. Automated virtual versions also remove reliance on multiple players’ availability.

However, while technology has opened new opportunities for Indian games to thrive, it carries some inherent risks. Poor design and monetization could complicate gameplay and alienate both casual and serious players.

Overcommercialization also threatens the underlying communal nature.

With all that considered, developers are working hard to incorporate technological innovations while staying truthful to the essence of these traditional games.

Popular Indian Traditional Games to Play Online

As mentioned, plenty of traditional Indian games have found their way online. Take a look at the most popular options today:


Ludo is arguably India’s most ubiquitous family board game. This four-player race around a cross-shaped track sees players moving pieces based on dice rolls. Its origins as pachisi date back to 6th century India.

Today, it’s become one of the most downloaded gaming apps in the country with over 10.3 million downloads in September 2020 alone.

Ludo cleverly blends skill and luck elements. That helps keep the tension high throughout one’s gameplay. The beauty of Ludo lies not just in its competitive nature but also in its ability to bring people together. Online matches provide a platform for friendly rivalry, turning strangers into opponents and opponents into friends.

Virtual Kabaddi

The intensely athletic game Kabaddi comprises two teams sending a “raider” to tag opponents while chanting “kabaddi” on one breath before returning to their half. Originating in ancient India, kabaddi grew into a popular national sport and even an international competition.

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This ancient cross and circle game is known to be the precursor to Ludo. It’s often dubbed India’s national pastime. In this game, four players race tokens around a board. Players will have to roll the dice and be strategic in moving across the board.

Online Pachisi apps replicate the visual flair and satisfying gameplay the traditional version is known for. If you’re all about a classic experience, then this could be a great choice for Ludo.

Card Games

Indians traditionally enjoy many popular card games steeped in local culture, the two biggest being Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. These luck-driven games heavily involve betting, analysis, and bluffing.

You can enjoy them casually at online gaming platforms or by downloading gaming apps. But you can also play real money Teen Patti live at 10CRIC, as well as Andar Bahar and even Indian Rummy. Real money card games can be played with RNG or live dealers with other players around the world.


This digital reimagination of traditional Indian games opens new avenues for their active preservation. With them being available online, you can easily have fun playing them anytime, anywhere.

However, we can’t deny that careless over commercialization of these games can impact their core community values. So, we can only hope that people developing these games continue to maintain their essence.

Also, if you are considering participating in real money virtual kabaddi betting and playing real money card games like Teen Patti, make sure you never spend more than you can afford to lose. Good luck and have fun!