Taking time to get away from it all, clear and calm your mind, and essentially distress your physical body is a must for optimal health and well-being, and being out in nature or the outdoors is the perfect way to quiet the noise that is everyday life. Too often we take our physical, emotional, and mental states for granted. Knowing that we can carry on, or that we can push through because we can physically continue can in many cases be to our detriment, but taking a moment for ourselves and allowing all externalities to fade into the distance you quickly realize how fatigued you most likely are. How perhaps overwhelming everything is but you simply soldier on, but what happens when it all catches up with you?

Mother Nature has for centuries been a natural healer, an ambient feeling that washes you over with serenity when you allow her to, and if you feel like your plate is being piled too high then a stroll could be just the solution you have been thinking about, and more than likely need. We aren’t saying that you need to go out and buy the best running or trail gear on the market, a quality pair of comfortable espadrilles are all you need, throw on some lightweight linens if you’re headed to the beach or countryside, or a summer ensemble, and take that much-needed stroll in the beauty that is nature.

If this is something that sounds like a perfect afternoon then consider these top 5 serene strolls for peaceful relaxation, some might surprise you while others could be exactly what you need. Yes, many places offer the perfect backdrop for a calming walk where you are surrounded by trees that seem to touch the sky, but relaxing comes in all shapes and sizes. This curated list of various activities shows there is something for all personality types because everyone deserves a moment to calm the senses in a way that suits them.

Finding your calm

  1. Through the mountainside – Many studies have shown how walking in the mountains, whether on the rugged trails or a flat, meandering pathway to the top can significantly reduce a person’s cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and is the quickest way to bring about a sense of mental calm. The fresh air calms any anxiety being experienced by the brain and in return releases endorphins (the happy hormone) so you can truly appreciate the beauty of nature in your surroundings and unwind.
  2. Along the coast – If you have woken up early just before sunrise and taken a stroll on the beach or along the coastline hills on a grassy path you will know all too well how the fresh, crisp, and salt-infused ocean air seems to intoxicate you with serenity. There’s something magical about the power of the sea. Strolling along its edge you feel your body release all tension, you watch the waves crash with might and yet only a gentle roar echoes all around. The coast or beachscape is a majestic natural remedy to detox and de-stress.
  3. Farmlands countryside – Thinking about farming we immediately imagine animals and hay bales, and while it is all those things, there is a side many people miss. The vast fields that come with farmlands are the ultimate getaway stroll. Slinking and snaking over the rolling hills covered in every hue of greens, yellows, and rich browns, walking along the paths you find yourself succumbing to the silence that is outside. The noise seemingly disappears and you hone into intricate movements of nature, your mind can sit back and relax and your mental state will surely be rejuvenated.
  4. Off the beaten track – Sometimes going someplace new is just what the doctor ordered as they say. Taking a new path or a route that you have always wanted to but never ventured further than your regular walkway, can help the mind see things in a new light. To appreciate another part of nature, unwind, and immerse oneself in new adventures.
  5. Cityscape – The continuous that is the city is not something to fear.  Yes, it can be overwhelming with so many people in one small space, but if you walk along the riverbank that runs through a city you see it from a different perspective. You are there physically, but mentally in a safe place. Watching from the outside in is more often than not calmer than heading out of the city.

Take the time

Mental well-being can change your life and will help you become the best version of yourself you can be for your family, friends, and most importantly, yourself.