Mel B lived up to her girl band moniker Scary Spice. Not least because, as the Spice Girls glowed  in glittery fanfare, the gutsy loudmouth from Leeds cut a dash with a bouffant of corkscrew curls and abs that could quite capably squeeze a watermelon.

Despite bearing three children since, she now sports an even more terrific figure. It’s no wonder then she was elected earlier this year to be a brand ambassador for International Fitness Week, powered by Fitness First.

In an interview with a British magazine about her very public family spat, we got a hint of Mel B’s motivation to stay so tasty-looking:  “To me, the best form of revenge is looking fucking hot,” she said. We can only assume, then, she got her revenge.

Family feuds aside, we wouldn’t mind sporting a physique like Mel B’s, so we asked her for some tips.

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What are your best tips for great abs?

I’ve always done sit ups. I like that feeling, the burning when your muscles ache. Then you see the results and you just want to keep going.

How do you get buns of steel?

My problem areas are my bum, thighs and legs- I do weights and run to keep them in shape. Don’t worry about cellulite, everybody has it- I drink lots of water to try and combat it. It is important the people are confident about themselves and just want to improve what they have.

 Three surefire fitness techniques for a beach body?

Light weights, running and squats.

What are your favourite fitness trends?

I love actually taking the children out with me when I work out, especially the baby on walks in the stroller. It’s all about finding out what works for you and making sure you commit to it and do it completely at least two or three times a week. When you start seeing results you don’t want to stop!

What are your best tips for keeping weight off?

I start my work-outs by doing light weights on my legs and arms, then I do interval running – walking for two minutes then sprint for three.  It’s a great way to exercise (and ensures a break in between intense bursts of exercise)

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Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte

Advice for exercising even when the weather’s rotten?

The first step would be getting into the gym and getting educated.  That’s why International Fitness Week is great, the average person who may be feeling intimidated by a gym, does not know what to do with the equipment or is scared about doing a class can download a free pass and try out a club. To really get motivated you need to feel like you are part of something, rather than it being a chore. When you go into Fitness First and they are so welcoming. You almost feel like you’re part of a support group.

What are your favourite places to work out in London?

The Fitness First in Baker Street.  I always thought gyms intimidating but they aren’t at all once you actually make that first step to get in there. The great thing about Fitness First is that they give you all the education and all the tools that you need to be able to do whatever workout or class suits you.

What are your food weaknesses?

I like eating healthy. When you eat junk food, your body feels yuck, whereas when you eat healthy you feel good inside. I eat chicken, fish, vegetables, with lots of water at hand.

In saying that, I do eat junk food. I give myself one day a week where I eat what I want. I don’t over indulge and would never eat a whole pizza but I may have one slice, a burger or a club sandwich. I don’t think you have to starve your body and you must be realistic. It is all about portion control and moderation.

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