Welzo – an all-in-one online platform to bring healthcare into the digital space.

According to the latest figures published by the British Medical Association (BMA), the backlog faced by the NHS has been increasing:

  • a record of over 6.6 million people waiting for treatment
  • 41 million patients waiting over 18 weeks for treatment
  • 331,623 patients waiting over one year for treatment – 13 times the number waiting over a year in May 2020

These numbers are alarming, but do not come as a surprise as the NHS struggles to cope with the added burden of COVID-19.

However, a new healthcare comapny: Welzo, is aming to support patients and the NHS by seamlessly connecting patients with instant access to treatment, information and health testing through their digital platform. According to Welzo’s CEO this will be  “the largest and most widespread digitalisation of healthcare seen to this date.”

The service will allow patients to get all their needs from one single platform. The Welzo website will be an integrated healthcare solution that provides patients with online consultations, diagnostic testing, fast results, and a wide range of pharmaceutical treatments and supplements. The all-in-one website will also feature an extensive Health Hub, a library of medical news, information, and tips to help people achieve their best health.

This new technology will be a solution to waiting room lines and cumbersome appointments, allowing users to be treated efficiently and effectively. It fills the gap of a digital healthcare solution in the wake of a rapidly digital world, as many other sectors have turned to digital alternatives.

How can healthcare be digitalised?

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A Welzo Rapid Home Test Offering Results in 15 minutes

After the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s evident that consumers are willing to be tested in the comfort of their own homes, the only missing link was the treatment. That was why the HMI Group has created Welzo as an end-to-end, all-in-one platform that utilises the digital space for maximum consumer satisfaction.

Welzo will operate in a five-step process, starting with a consultation and finishing with medication in the hands of patients. First, the consultation will determine what the patient hopes to learn from the test, or if there are any concerns. They are then directed to a suitable test which could include an Energy & Fatigue Test, an STI Test or more specific testing such as a Diabetes, Vitamin D or Male/Female Fertility test, among others.

After the test is determined, the user can order it to be delivered directly to their door with same or next day shipping in certain areas of the UK. Most home blood tests require only a small finger prick sample, other more specific tests may require another sample such as saliva. This specimen is then sent by the user to a lab for analysis. The Welzo system will also allow patients to order recommended treatments to their door by connecting them with local pharmacies online.

How is Welzo different to other platforms?

While at-home testing is available, other platforms are yet to provide their customers with immediate treatment and service. Welzo will ensure that patients get the care they need in a timely and succinct manner, without the stress of ongoing appointments and delayed treatments.

Not only will Welzo provide faster service than the existing healthcare system, but it will also ensure that customers are well informed about their health. The online Health Hub has been created by medical professionals to educate users on their health and wellbeing.

Samantha Burgess, Editor and Health Journalist