Biorhythms are a pernicious phenomenon. Sleep disruption, time zone shifts, and stress caused by changes in air pressure throughout the journey all have an impact on one’s well-being and attractiveness. And tiredness and irritation are not ideal traveling companions. As a result, we’ve put together some tips on how to recuperate fast after a long flight.


A flight is not a reason to sit still for three or four hours. Get up and walk around the salon – this way you will save your back from pain, your legs from swelling, and your body as a whole from fatigue.

Attempt to sleep during the flight. Bring a blanket and a nice headrest cushion with you on the journey – it will be a lifesaver for your neck. If your travel is longer than 6 hours, we recommend that you wear comfortable lounge-style clothing for the length of the journey: a soft sweatshirt and sweatpants are what you need to spend a long flight pleasantly and rest. Avoid wearing tight leggings or jeans. Your body should be as relaxed as possible.

After the flight, be sure to go to a massage parlor. Say, you are flying to the Emirates, so sign up in advance for russian massage in Abu Dhabi. The hands of a professional massage therapist will quickly restore your body, and the aroma oils in the massage room will quickly restore peace of mind and mental health.

Another good thing that will save you from swelling is compression stockings or trousers. They will improve blood circulation and thus help to avoid fatigue.

Skin on the face

During the flight, your skin is subjected to an additional test – the air constantly circulating in the cabin is very dry, which immediately affects the condition of the skin. Therefore, a week before the flight, moisturize your skin additionally – use creams and lotions, carry a refreshing spray with you. Also, drink plenty of water both before and right after your flight. And preferably during the flight – ask the stewardess to bring a drink, they will not refuse you.

Get your airplane makeup ready. Take with you in your hand luggage thermal water, small samplers of creams, serums – no more than 100 ml in volume. They will come in handy on a long flight. Don’t forget to take eye drops so that the mucous membrane doesn’t dry out.

Don’t use a cloth face mask and eye patches on the plane. Even if you don’t care what other people think. It will be ineffective due to too dry air in the plane – the surrounding dryness will take away most of the moisture of the mask. But after the flight, this is an obligatory stage of care!


Unfortunately, even with the advent of anti-jetlag pills, only good sleep after the flight can help you. Therefore, plan ahead for a trip one day for a complete recovery of the body.

By the way, flight attendants frequently use the meal reception. Melatonin, the primary hormone of the pineal gland and the regulator of circadian rhythms, is used to facilitate the body’s adaptation to time zone changes. Melatonin aids in time zone adjustment and has a strong anti-stress and immunostimulating impact. It is present in foods including bananas, pineapples, maize, and rice as a natural antioxidant.

Before flying east, we advise you to set the clock ahead an hour or two in advance and get used to this rhythm in a few days. Upon arrival, during the day you should try to be more in the sun, and at night – avoid artificial lighting, including from smartphone and computer screens.


The most crucial (and challenging) thing to do is to remain up till dawn whether you arrive in the afternoon or the morning. You will undoubtedly be exhausted after several lengthy flights and connections. However, it’s better to gather yourself as soon as you arrive, rejuvenate your spirit, have a quick lunch, and head outdoors – a new city is waiting! And at night, go to bed at your regular time. The next morning, you’ll awaken energized and happy.