This and the fact that they feature the Queen (not the real one mind) in their video for “Half in Love with Elizabeth” was reason enough to chat to bassist Kai Fish (yellow belt). I loved the concept behind the video “Half in Love with Elizabeth”. Was the song always about the Queen? No absolutely not. It was about a real life situation of one of us, when someone fell in love. When thinking about the video we thought it would be funny to do it about the Queen and James Copeland who also directed “Young Love” and “Two Doors Down” came to us with the same idea. So we both wanted to do the same thing, something quite tongue in cheek, but in a serious way. I think the video does that.

So no one can claim the idea then? Nope. It shows it was the right decision to work with James Copeland because he’s a fantastic director.

You’re playing about 30 gigs in a few months, how do you guys keep going? I really don’t know. If you haven’t been on tour for a while you get really wasted for three days ‘cos you are really excited to be back on tour. And then you go, hang on a sec, I can’t get so wasted ‘cos I have another 1,000 shows to do. Then you go through waves of being healthy, and then think, we are on the road, we are young and we wanna go party.

So are you excited about coming to [Australia? Yeah, we have been talking about it on this tour an awful lot. Getting out of England when it’s winter. Amazing. We’ve never been to Oz and the Falls Festival looks amazing.

Planning to bungy jump or sky dive? I’d love to go surfing on a beautiful Australian beach and have a BBQ, ‘cos obviously it’s the home of the BBQ. And you always hear great stuff about Sydney.

Eighties music is making a comeback, did your band follow this trend or has your music always had an 80s feel? To be honest we were listening to 80s stuff before it came into commercial prominence. The biggest thing about the 80s wasn’t the song writing but the producers. They were the stars. In the 70s, producers wanted to make music sound completely fucked up and different. That’s something they mucked around with in the 80s too, as well as doing a lot of cocaine.

Man… this line is really crackly! Okay… well you can fill in the gaps with the most outrageous words you can think of.

Cool thanks dude. So what are you more scared of – snakes, spiders or sharks? Probably spiders. Snakes are just slippery, sharks you can punch them on the nose. Spiders just creep up on you.

Who flicks your switch – Kylie or Dannii Minogue? Kylie. She’s a real trooper. She’s done it. It may be a commercial pop thing but she’s always just been herself. I like that. Is Kylie the biggest star in [Australia?

Yes… her and Delta Goodrem. Who the fuck is Delta Goodrem?

Only joking… she’s the girl that used to be in Neighbours and is going out with Brian McFadden. Oh that’s Delta. Sounds like she is someone off Gladiators.

True say. So finally, d’you bad boys still like to trash up your dressing rooms? No that was just one unlucky night. We try to be more respectful these days.