Crow, head of the RMT Union, said Thatcher’s legacy was to “create an ideological argument to attack working people”.

“She has got nothing in common at all with working people,” Crow continued.

“She didn’t die in a hospice, she died in the Ritz, somewhere no working people could stay for one night.”

He claimed that “loads of people lost their houses, jobs and committed suicide because of what she did.”

Crow’s comments come after the BBC revealed that it had recieved 495 comments relating the organisations coverage of Margaret Thatcher’s death.

Of those, 227 have complained its coverage has been biased against the Iron Lady, and 268 alleging bias in favour of her.

Speculation is building as to who will attend Thatcher’s funeral next Wednesday. It is believed international such as Mikhail Gorbachev will attend alongside allies such as Thatcher’s trusted driver Dennis.