How do you balance stand up, heavy metal, amateur occultism and being a show off?
Showing off is most important. I listen to metal while writing comedy, practice magic through comedy, and I love metal bands whose music is about magic. It’s the ultimate multitasking.

Satan has the best tunes, and jokes. How’s he helped you?
Satan is the Great Deceiver. He never tells the truth. In reality I get my material from 1980s joke books and things people say on buses. And Cthulhu, the tentacled Lovecraftian Elder God.

Weirdest show?
Fetish clubs can be quite colourful. Dominatrixes are always welcome at my shows …

How do you deal with hecklers?
Brutal violence. I’m a trained ninja so one minute they’re shouting abuse, the next they have a throwing star embedded in their neck.

Joke you wished you’d written?
Monty Python And The Holy Grail, the high point of human civilisation.

Andrew O’Neill: Alternative
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Mar 1, 7pm
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