Hey Grass, how’s the tour being going so far?
Really great actually. I’ve played a couple of ‘art bars’ in regional Victoria to kick off things before heading to NSW and SA and the reception from the audience has been really welcoming. I even received my first encore as a solo artist for this project which was really nice.

Tell me about the change in direction, from punk rock to acoustic music? 
When we decided to end the Hot Lies, I took a break from music and started traveling. I spent time in Peru and spent two weeks with Shipibo Shamans taking Ayuhuasca as part of their healing ceremonies. Something kept coming to me about me having to continue this music path, so when I got back I made the decision to record another record. I’d spent the majority of my career in bands, so this time around I wanted to do something a little different and try my hand at being a solo artist.

Tell me about the track Broken Vaults?
It’s a song about the struggle of relationships, the lack of forgiveness in them, and the effect this can have on others around the relationship. We’ve all had our ups and downs in relationships, whether they be friends, family or lovers. In Broken Vaults the characters are played by an old married couple who resent each other, it’s kind of narrated by the child of this couple who wishes they could just get along and his promise not to turn out like them.

What do you think you’d be doing if it didn’t work out? 
I’m studying Natural Medicine part-time, I love learning about all the healing modalities out there. I’m not one for mainstream medicine for various reasons, so energy healing and natural plant healing is what I’m interested in. I guess I’d go down that path, become a healer or a natural doctor or something.

Who were your musical heroes growing up? 
Kiss, Motley Crue, Gun’s’N’Roses actually. I have and older brother and sister so I was dragged through the Eighties listening to all their records.

Coolest place you’ve played? 
Hands down, Rod Laver Arena. It was always a big ambition to play there and I got the chance a few years back supporting a bigger touring artist to open the show.  Also a bar called B’Artiste on the Mornington Peninsula. It’s kind of my local so it’s fun to play and try out new songs there.

You toured with Good Charlotte, what are the Madden twins like? 
Absolute legends. I’ve toured with loads of international artists and the Good Charlotte boys were the most down to earth of everyone I’ve encountered. I remember seeing Benji eating lunch by himself in the catering/dining hall on the tour, our band and the other support band were all hanging out having lunch so I invited him over to hang out.  Both Benji and Joel were really welcoming – even willing to share the band rider when we ran out of beers.

Did you compare tattoos with them? 
I didn’t have as many tattoos back then as I do now, but I did see Benji in LA when I was getting tattooed over there at High Voltage Tattoo.  There’s no competing with the Madden twins ink though, they are covered in it.

Ultimate gig would be?
Playing a little dive bar, looking out and seeing all your music idols (dead or alive) in the crowd actually digging your tunes and all wanting to co-write with you after the show.

Who is your doppelganger? 
I used to get told Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chilli Peppers when I was younger, but not so much nowadays.

Favourite holiday spot in Oz? 
Gotta be the Top End. Kakadu, Litchfield National Park, The Kimberley. I’ve traveled to every continent in the world bar one, and Kakadu is like a dream set in pristine natural settings.

What’s next for you? 
Travel/Music reporter for TNT? But seriously, I have a DVD/EP release coming out in November and will be touring Nationally as part of the Scorcherfest tour. After that I’m looking at Japan for a little international tour and then my partner and I are heading on a world trip mid next year! Can’t wait.

Catch Grass Taylor in St Kilda (August 23) and Adelaide (August 30 & 31) or visit him online at grasstaylor.com for a free single download.