Influenced by seminal bands such as The Zombies, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Monkees and Edwyn Collins, he’s definitely one to watch (we love his new single, Lone Tiger – it’s the ultimate in summery 60s-style pop), and we were lucky enough to catch five minutes with him…

You’re playing in London on May 11 and 13 – have you been to the UK before?

I came over last year with a 12 piece garage pop band from Brisbane to play The Great Escape and a couple of other shows. Though right now I’m writing this in Liverpool which means my chances of meeting Gerry Marsden are at an all time high and that’s pretty exciting.

Hoxton’s known for having large amounts of hipsters – will you fit in, or will you be trying to fight them?

I don’t wanna fight anybody except for any boss type monsters that are the physical representation of the oppression of the working class. On my first day in London (yesterday) we got a £60 parking fine. I don’t know where I’m gonna find that kind of money so I guess I’m now a vigilante. Add to this my penchant for wearing aluminium suits and speaking only through a vocoder and I guess the correct terminology would be cyborg vigilante.

Anyways, I guess I’m just way more wary of parking inspectors than well-intentioned locals at the moment. Unless the parking inspector was a well intentioned local all along!? THE TWIST. An M. Night Shyamalan directed show.

Tell us more about this shark-tank jumping…

If you’ve got a shark tank you’ll never fail to woo the partner of your dreams. I usually set them up on closed off sections of road and then wait for the rumours to spread like wildfire. Before you know it there’s a crowd of thousands and I’m on my motorbike. I’m ready. The people are ready. The sharks…well, they don’t really know what’s happening but they’re pretty happy because they’re well fed and there’s a distinct chance of human for dessert. Me, I know I can do this. The sharks, they just sense danger. There she is. I see her in the crowd. The girl of my dreams. It’s time to shine. It’s time to challenge everything everybody thought was possible. It’s time to live.

You promote yourself as a part-time philosopher. If you could give us one single piece of advice, what would it be?

The best indicator of a bad person is how they treat service staff. We’re all humans just trying to get by in a world that makes minimal sense, statistically and existentially, and if somebody can’t see that and is devoid of empathy and general kindness then it’s time to get a new friend/love interest.

You look very sultry in your promo shots. Do you have any beauty secrets you could share with us?

If you wanna get sultry first you gotta know what you want to achieve with every glance. Intention. That’s the key. Also the name of my new fragrance. Intention. For the people, by a person. Judge not my action but my intention. Sometimes we don’t mean to screw up but we do so take a look behind the eyes – that’s right – the intention of a noble adventurer is in there. And if you want to get sultry at any point, keep the spirit of a noble adventurer because true beauty starts on the inside and makes itself known on the outside.
Get real. Get sexy. Intention 2k14.

Finally, if you had to give up cheese or wine for a year, which would it be?

Cheese for sure. As it stands I only do a twice yearly cheese binge whereas wine is always there for me when I have no money but when the war on sobriety must be fought regardless.

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