You can’t wait to bring the show to many more ‘crap towns’ – which is the crappest town you’ve been to and why? Tell us the truth, its Shrewsbury right?
There’s so many crap towns I think it’s unfair to pick just one, but special mention must go to the whole of Scotland.

What makes a town well good, then?
If it’s got a Nando’s then it’s well good to me.

Whereabouts exactly in ‘sarf London’ did you grown up and what do the lads back there think of what you do now?
I’m a Bermondsey boy. All the lads who I grew up with are well happy for me and watch my show from their dorms in Feltham.

Does Omelette ever get tired of being the butt of your jokes?
Don’t know, I’ve never asked but I reckon his butt’s big enough to take it. The thing what people don’t realise is that me and Omelette are best mates and I’d never ever do anything that actually hurt him… unless I thought it’d get a laugh.

Has he always been your ‘full-fat-friend’? How did you guys meet and how did you become friends?
Yeah he’s always been fat-boned. We met on our estate in South London. Me and Omelette go way back, I’ve known him since he was an egg.

You obviously have an eye for the ladies – what constitutes the perfect woman?
Over 16 and up for it.

What is the strangest part of the body a fan – male or female – has asked you to sign?
I’ve signed quite a few bums, loads of tits and one ball sack. I won’t be doing ball sacks again, it ruined my pen.

What’s better – Wetherspoons or Yates?
If you can tell the difference then you’re not drunk enough.
What makes life ‘well good?
Hanging with mates, playing Xbox, eating fried chicken, driving too fast, drinking sambuca and dogging.
Your BBC show was the second most watched show on the iPlayer – how has becoming such a star changed you?
Yeah it was well popular on iPlayer but I’ll come clean and admit I had a team of Filipino kids clicking away on some stolen laptops. Being famous ain’t changed me at all unlike my Nan, she’s a right diva these days. She’s like Mariah Carey these days but with well saggier boobs.
What happened on Gary’s stag, and how did you not end up behind bars?
We did actually! I can’t tell you the details – what goes on the stag stays on the stag. Apart from Chlamydia.

Lee Nelson’s Well Good Live

Where: The Bloomsbury, Theatre, 15 Gordon Street  London WC1H 0AH
When: 28th March and 3rd April 2012
Tickets: £22.50
Station: Euston Square