So why the change of name from Sundance Kids to just Sundance?
We decided for the future’s sake of the band it was best to shorten the name. Also we wanted to increase font size on tour posters.

What can we expect from the second album?
Our creativity and musicianship has evolved, so the songs have a lot more story and emotion to them. Also the songs are a lot more dynamic and rhythm based.

Do you agree with the Temper Trap comparisons?
Well Temper Trap were heavily compared to U2. And U2 have always been an influence of ours, so I guess there are similarities. We’ll take it as compliment as they are a great band.

What do you think you’d you be doing if it didn’t work out?
I’d write heavily produced auto tuned R‘n’B rap songs and give them to teenage reality TV show contestants.
Who were your musical heroes when  you were growing up?
Any band or artist from the 90’s who was majorly influenced by 60’s and 70’s brit pop rock.

Any embarrassing artists in your collection?
“One Hell of a Dance Album: Best of 95” with artists like Real Mccoy, Melodic MC, The Grid and Dr Alban. 

What do you do when you’re not being a musician?
Drinking with mates in pubs, or just hanging out with a guitar.

The ultimate gig, anywhere in the world  would be?

Best thing about being in a band?
Playing shows and sleeping in.

Favourite holiday spot in Oz?
South Golden Beach, just north of Byron Bay.
It’s quiet, great weather, great surf, great coffee. The most relaxing place I have ever experienced.

What are your tips for Adelaide?
Wine tasting and great white shark cage tours in Port Lincoln.

There has been talk of South Australia changing its name, any suggestions?
How about…AC/DC?

Three albums you’d take with you on a deserted island?
Led Zeppelin: 3. Oasis: What’s the Story Morning Glory, and U2: Best Of.

Three things you can’t travel without?
An iPhone, good coffee, and a guitar.

Planes, trains or automobile, and why?
We like trains, but only if we have our own VIP carriage with lots of fun things happening inside.

Sundance’s new track, Where She Wants Me, is out now through Warner Music.