She writes great 60s-style pop songs, has just had a huge hit with her debut album and is very hot, which never hurts, so we went to meet her while she was in Sydney…

So, is Sydney what you expected? I didn’t really know what to expect, I didn’t know there was a city. I was just sort of thinking it was beaches and surfboards in my cliched head.

Do your mates worry about appearing in your songs? Not yet, but there’s one I wrote about my two best girlfriends. They knew instantly it was about them. No one else would know. It’s our thing.

They like it? Yeah, one of them actually cried which was lovely.

Your music’s got a distinctive London sound… I think London is very important to me, I am a home girl, I love being there, and I miss it a lot when I’m away. But actually, the more and more I travel, the more I enjoy it. It’s not actually the place I miss, it’s my friends and family

I noticed you praising Vegemite on Twitter? I’m a huge Marmite fan, but Vegemite’s really good. Do you not like it?

Poor man’s Marmite. Haha. It’s like when you read a book and then the film comes out. If the book’s really good, the film will probably be good, but it’s just not as good.

You’re a big Arsenal fan yeah? I’m a huge Arsenal fan. But I’ve been so busy I haven’t even been able to watch any games. I feel really bad actually. The whole season I haven’t seen anything, I’ve got my fantasy football team though, I’m doing quite well.

Worried about Fabregas leaving? You know, I would really be heartbroken.

You seem very into the 60s, Motown-style pop? I love the idea of that sort of pop coming back, just great pop songs, whether Burt Bacharach or Ray Charles or the Beatles. I think that’s what pop music should be.

ho would you love to sing with? I would say Stevie Wonder, but because Michael Jackson is dead I’ll say Michael Jackson, because it would be cool to have him back for a bit and do a duet.

What song would you do? We’d have to write a new song. It would be so cool to be able to work with someone as amazing as that… and bring him back from the dead!

You started gigging at 15. How nervous were you? Really. I was on the piano and I remember my hands were shaking so much I could hardly play, and my voice was shaking. The audience probably only clapped because they were happy I got through it.

Celebrity lookalike? I used to get Anna Kournikova, but brunette version.

Best meal you can cook? Beans on toast. I’m rubbish!

Worst haircut? When I was 10, I cut my hair like Posh Spice when she cut it short. It was almost shaped at the back, and longer at the front. At the time I loved it, but looking back, I don’t know what I was thinking.

Celebrity crush? Craig David and Eminem. I actually met Craig David. I went up to him and said, “I used to have pictures of you all over my walls,” and he went, “what do you mean, used to, where have they gone?” He was just being funny.

Hangover remedy? Ribena Spark and a full English without the meat. I’m a vegetarian.

Drink of choice? Cinzano and lemonade, I like sweet things.

Eliza’s self-titled album is out now.