How did you find that? A little bit easier than our other albums. The only album that has been tricky for me was the first album Fuzzy Logic. It was the first time I sang in English. There were problems with my singing accent, some people couldn’t understand it. Is it true that you use to tour around in a big, blue tank? There’s an element of truth in it. We had this mega sound system in a big, blue tank that we took to some festivals. We sold it to Don Henley from The Eagles… but that was a long time ago. I heard that a van once drove into the stage whilst you were performing at Glastonbury… It was a transit van that drove straight through the crowd. It was pretty hairy. We felt that someone was going to get killed. It was someone who was completely off their head and very disturbing to look at. If you could play any city with any artist what would you go for? Can you arrange it for me? Unfortunately we don’t have that kind of power… I’d like to play in Tokyo and play the drums for Velvet Underground. So let’s get down to business. What’s your favourite super furry Australian animal? I think I would go for the kangaroo. I know it’s not very imaginative but it is just a classic animal. What animal would you come back as if you were reincarnated and came back as an animal? A sloth probably. A giant sloth. Seems like a relaxing life style. Have you ever toured in Oz? I’ve been there three times. Last couple were in 2003 and 2008. We go go-karting and visit wildlife centres and really make an effort to make it a holiday. What would you never travel without? A passport. No lucky item? I have a lucky passport that lets me into places. I see. When you are on tour how do you keep yourself entertained? By writing and telling jokes. Then learning and forgetting those jokes. Your band has been around nearly 15 years. What’s your secret? We have been enjoying ourselves really and we got to make lots of records we’ve really enjoyed. What is your favourite Super Furry Animals song? Well for some reason at the moment my fave SFA song is “Piccolo Snare” on Phantom Power. I think it would change everyday depending on the weather though. What’s the weather like today? It’s overcast and cloudy. Finally I’ve got to ask because it interests/annoys me. If you were watching England play France in an international friendly, you would be supporting… Poland. But they aren’t playing… Well I’d just turn up in my Polish kit and hope for a great game. What a cop out! But you would be in red, so that’s England colours… No it would be the strange Poland away kit that’s purple. I’d be hoping for a great game of football in the spirit of international brotherly love, or something. Or we just get rid of borders and just have one team. We can play other planets on the moon. The new Super Furry Animals album, Dark Days/Light Years, is out now, on Rough Trade