Hey Anna, how’s it going? I’ve been having heaps of fun, getting over New Year which was really full on. It was like running a marathon, I joked it was like my Tour de France. I was like across state lines from one gig to the next, having to walk home from clubs at five in the morning carrying records. You lived in New York for a while. How was that? I’m just into different experiences. I think of myself as an opportunist – when an opportunity comes up, I don’t miss it. Going to New York was so much fun and taught me so much. Wait, what was the question? Did you enjoy living abroad? You go through weeks where you’re lonely and weeks when it’s the most exciting thing ever. I’ve never gone away for years, only ever a few months. It’s always been very fluid. Do crowds differ between countries? I’m not sure it’s a nationality thing. I can play in one city and have three different reactions to the same set. It depends how everyone’s feeling, what the weather’s like, all that stuff. Nowhere you hated? No, I can’t think of one place. I always think I can find a common ground between me and the people I’m playing to. How about loved? Ah, totally! Going through the States last year there were so many places where I was like, “I wish I could play this party every week”. I played a roller disco in Brooklyn which was just incredible. Everyone wears roller skates and knee high socks and headbands. It’s just the funnest. There’s just two many good parties in the world and not enough time. You play Gilligans in http://www.travelsearch.bugbitten.com/search_tours/TNT_Down_Under/trip_search/?search=cairns[Cairns] this Saturday… played many backpacker nights before? Oh really? Oh my God, never in my life, this is going to be hilarious. I’ll report back on how that goes. What Sydney club would you recommend? It really depends on what you’re into. The place I like to go out is Goodgod Small Club in Liverpool Street in the city. They always have really great people playing down there, a lot of secret sideshows, international guests who play a show for their friends. I recommend checking it out. How’s it feel being the first female MoS DJ in Oz? I think it’s really cool. You know, it’s great to break down a little barrier. I feel really lucky to be the first one, although there’s been so many great Australian female DJs that I’m surprised. Are you staying Down Under now? Honestly I have no idea. I think I want to live in Australia. I love travelling and I’ll keep travelling, but I’m really happy basing myself here. I just think Australia is awesome. We’ve got so much to offer, our dance music scene is fantastic now. You were a model before a DJ… I wasn’t a very good model, I just did like crappy commercials. I wasn’t in Vogue or anything. I just managed to get away without doing a full-time job. I was doing theatre production at the time and it was just an easy way to get the rent paid. What would you do if the DJ thing didn’t work out? Oh my God, this question is way too confronting! I honestly have no idea. When I say that I feel lucky, I’m not joking. I feel like the luckiest person in the world because I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing if someone wasn’t paying me to love music. But at the same time I’m very resourceful and I’d think of something. You know, DJing’s not going to last forever and I’m not worried or scared about that. You’ve just got to keep your eyes open. Ministry of Sound’s Clubbers Guide to 2010 is out now. Check out http://www.myspace.com/annalunoe[www.myspace.com/annalunoe] for tour dates.