Fresh from picking up the top prize at the latest Edinburgh Fringe Festival, English comedian Russell Kane has now brought his award-winning Smokescreens & Castles show Down Under, where he’s one of the headline acts at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this week…

Hi Russell, tell us about your childhood? I started life in a welfare house in Enfield. My dad then bought it. We’re now no longer wither bogan or middle class – but something in between.

When did you realise you were funny? My feet kept growing and my nose turned bulbous. I knew I was going to be a clown.

What’s you comedy like? High energy sociology and observations.

If you weren’t a comedian, what would you be? A writer.

Favourite writer and guilty pleasure? Flaubert is my favourite – either him of Trollope. Guilty – Heat magazine.

Which comedian do you admire? Andrew Lawrence. His use of language and rhythm astounds me.

You co-presented I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here. Who was the most annoying celebrity? Gillian McKeith. But she was doing it on purpose.

What’s the biggest misconception about comedians? That we’re funny people.

Tell us about your show Fakespeare. Imagine if everyone from Essex spoke in blank verse. Low references mixed with high form. Comparing women to burgers – that sort of thing.

You’ve been to Oz a few times. What do you love about it? It’s so laidback, but mixed with loud confidence. How can you have both? Not fair.

Anything you’re desperate to do while you’re here? Get to Jay Jays and buy as many skinnies as I can legally haul back Blighty.

How do Aussies differ from Poms? Aussies are poms plus sunshine. In other words, Australia is Britain without the whinging. I do love a whinge though.

There’s a lot of “Big Things” in Oz, like The Big Banana. If you could create one, what would it be? The Big Curry House. My quest to find a good Indian curry will continue until my dream is a reality!