The model and actress (Nip Tuck, Californication) talks to TNT about her life and her big passion – conservation

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I am health and environmental advocate, I live in sunny SoCal and spend my time keeping busy as a model, ocean conservation advocate and real estate agent

What projects are you currently working on? 

I have just completed a new editorial for GQ Magazine and also will be heading down to Belize this coming year to take part in a ocean awareness project to protect the coastlines of Belize

You spend a lot of your time building awareness about Oceanlife conservation. How did you get involved? 

I got involved around 9 years ago when I was in Bali, I noticed that Indonesia had a huge water contamination problem and the locals were drinking unsafe and polluted water. I knew that I needed to take action, so I partnered with some ocean conservation groups and have been active ever since

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What are the biggest issues? 

Shortage of water, deep sea fishing which is destroying our reefs, coral and fish population, sea level’s are rising and water is contaminated.

What should we all be doing to contribute to the cause?

Use less water while brushing teeth for example (do not leave sinks/showers running), pick up plastic along the beach, and minimize littering are small but important steps

If you could save only one animal from extinction what would it be, and why?

Elephants. Especially the African Elephant. On a project I was in in Africa a few years back, I saw how endangered these beautiful creatures are. They are being hunted and killed every day for their tusks for the ivory trade.

You’ve travelled all over the world for your work, what are your favourite destinations?

Africa, all the wildlife is so beautiful to me, I almost feel like I am living in some other world hundreds of years ago when I am there. To see so much green and the freedom of the animals roaming around to me is beyond amazing and what makes this world beautiful

What are the must have items in your travel bag?

Sunscreen, coconut oil and phone charger.

What’s top on your music playlist?

Right now I am in a classic rock mode, currently the Rolling Stones

You were recently declared dead in an internet hoax. How are you coping with the afterlife/aftermath?

Ha, the internet Hoax’s. This year I have been apparently dead, and married. When and where was this funeral and marriage ceremony ; )