Sara Imanovic 26, from the UK

Why did you come to Australia? Life at home wasn’t all that positive and optimistic and I had heard there was a shortage of nurses in Australia so I thought I’d fit in well. The lifestyle, weather and people were also a massive drawcard.

Where have you travelled so far? I’ve seen the bottom half of Australia] really. Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Tasmania. I might head north in the second part of winter.

How did you land your new job? I had a few friends who had already come over here and got work through an agency so I figured that was the best option. It was relatively easy and I can move around if I want to which is a nice thing. It’s helpful to have a helping hand when you get to a new country.

What’s your new job like? It’s good but hard at times. I work with children who are unfortunately sick and it’s tough to see them in pain but that comes with the job I guess.

Where to next? I think I’ll do some travelling soon. I love to ski so I think I’ll go to New Zealand over winter. I’d like to work in one of the big Sydney hospitals as well because I’ve never worked in a big city before and I’m sure it’s much more of a challenge professionally.

What’s the pay like? It’s quite good actually. I work a lot of weekends and try and do public holidays as well so I can save as many pennies as possible.

Any good stories? There’s a few for sure. The best stories always come out when someone really ill, whether it be man, woman or child gets better and is able to be discharged. It’s so rewarding seeing that happen. We also are quite a close group of workmates so we try and make it as fun as possible.

What’s the best thing about your job? Getting to know different sorts of people and especially working with children is the highlight. They can make a bad day turn good really quickly.

And what’s not so great? Working shift work is never all that glamorous and of course seeing sick kids isn’t that fab.

What’s your best advice for travellers considering your job in Australia? Plot out a map of where you want to visit and whether you’ll just holiday there or you’ll work there too. It helps you sort out your goals and you don’t waste your time here deciding on what you want.