Airtasker unveils Brits are a nation of collectors, as new research reveals 68% spend an average of £5,500 on collectables. Moreover, 32% say they’re ‘big’ collectors with two thirds (72%) considering moving to a bigger property to make room for their keepsakes, and 83% admitted they argue with loved ones about their items taking up too much space!    

When asked what the most popular collectable items were for Brits, books came out on top (25%), followed by coins (23%) then stamps (18%). Nearly a quarter of collectors (24%) admit to getting in trouble with loved ones for spending too much money on their collections. Men spend considerably more (over double) than women on their collections (£7,438 v £3,568). Similarly, men are willing to spend more on increasing their collections compared to women, extending their budget by 137.6 % (£14,490 v £2,678).   

To celebrate collectors (and help prevent further rifts) – Airtasker is launching ‘British Collector Awards’ calling enthusiasts to enter themselves, or a loved one who deserves the accolade, by applying via the Airtasker website.    

Whether you’re a collector of 90s nostalgia, vintage cars, royal memorabilia or Barbie dolls, Airtasker is looking for the biggest and most outrageous treasure troves, with five UK winners in line for being awarded. Four runner-up finalists will receive a medal along with £200 to help build display areas to showcase their collections and one overall winner who will bag a £1,000 to house their hero products along with the ‘Britain’s Best Collector’ trophy.    

The new research revealed the 80s and 90’s were the best decades to collect from, with 50% of 18-34 years old saying 90’s is their favourite. 48% said it was due to the rise in mobile phones and computer games, while a quarter (25%) praised the fashion, music, and movies.    

Continuing the 90s theme – 27% of men collect vinyl and 19% football shirts, whereas women lean more towards classic toys such as beanie babies (16%), Furby (11%) and My Little Pony (12%).   

Tim Fung, Founder and CEO of Airtasker says “We want to support collectors by celebrating them and their hobbies. The research showed a high percentage of households are arguing due to the amount of space collections are taking up, and we’re here to help avoid the battles by offering alternative ways they can store, assemble, display and organise their memorabilia, as many items hold a piece of history.    

With the 90s making a comeback in fashion and music, we’re not surprised this is a decade people are taking an extra interest in and look forward to sharing the stories behind these avid collectors in the New Year”.   

People can apply here: or email their entry directly to: Applications are open until 26th January 2024 and shortlists being selected in February. The winners will be announced on 21st February 2024.