Every year on October 31, people celebrate Halloween, a trend that has gained popularity and adoration worldwide. Samhain is a Celtic festival that marked the beginning of winter and inspired this tradition and the bonfires, feasting and divination that people love about this celebration. People back then dressed in costumes and went door to door asking for food or money, a practice that evolved into today’s “trick-or-treat” tradition.

Other superstitions began to emerge around the holiday, like young women who believed they could predict the appearance of their future husbands by performing tricks with apple parings or mirrors.

Halloween evolved from a festival focused on witchcraft and ghosts to the holiday we know today, and since you know it has a unique history, maybe you’re more excited to celebrate it this year. Keep reading to see what themed parties, fashion trends and accessories can create an unforgettable, amazing Halloween night.

Spice up the Halloween night

Whether you hold or go to a Halloween party, spend the holiday at home with family or are far away and can only meet your friends via the internet, there are games and themed events that you can easily put into action. Even the most boring Halloween nights can make amusing and unique memories if you participate in activities like the following:

–         A treasure hunt. You can hold this event with five or hundreds of people; just don’t let the number of participants stay in the way of your fun. This activity can also allow players to discover great places in the neighbourhood.

–         Trick or treat game. This will keep guests attentive in searching for hidden candies around the booth and have them entertained for hours. You can also play it in your home and give your house the spooky look Halloween enthusiasts adore.

–         A murder mystery dinner. Everyone will be able to take part in the story and the trial to find the murderer at this event. Playing detective is a one-of-a-kind game that will make you laugh and have a memorable time.

–         Halloween costume contest. This is the best way to encourage and motivate participants to bring their most creative sides to the surface. If you decide to award a prize to the best-dressed individual, be prepared for a fierce battle for victory.

–         Virtual Halloween party. If you’re far from your friends or you just can’t meet on this special date, don’t demoralise yourself! Instead, have a virtual party – this will connect you and allow you to share laughter, mesmerise each other’s unique costumes and create unforgettable memories.

–         Halloween contest. These kinds of “win-or-lose” games allow your imagination to skyrocket. Everyone can create the rules and decide on the prizes of this game.

Consider the latest trends in Halloween costumes

There’s no better time of year than Halloween to show off your signature style, and you get to express yourself and your creativity in thousands of ways. The best part is that there are accessories like TV series- or movie-themed backpacks and wallets that are stylish and can be worn throughout the year. For example, you can easily match pieces like the ones from the Funko Halloween collection to your day-to-day outfits and individualise your looks. Whether you choose to buy already-made costumes or crop up something at the last minute, it’s good to grasp some inspirational, timeless trends, like the following:

–         Witch. They’re an all-time favourite, don’t require much effort and can be personalised, no matter if you choose to be The Wizard of Oz or a Sanderson Sister.

–         Characters. There’s been high demand for costumes based on popular films and TV shows, like Stranger Things or Ted Laszlo.

–         Cartoony creations. Costumes inspired by franchises like Harry Potter, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ursula, Hannibal are in vogue nowadays, so go out and disclose your passion for TV series and movies.

–         Clowns. What better way to liven up the party than to dress as a clown and throw a mime show, especially if you’re the life and soul of the parties?

–         Weird costumes. It’s fine if you’re not into cinema, because weird costumes have always perked up parties, looked unique and gained others’ appreciation. If you like eccentricity and bizarreness, there’s no better time to show it than Halloween.

Go one step further and accessorise your house

The Halloween spirit is something you’ll feel everywhere. Why settle for a costume when you can make your house look like a movie scene? You can choose DIY tricks and add the most popular figurines and house accessories, and you can even display the ones you love the whole year.

Whatever your taste in home decor is, there are some classics that can brighten up your Halloween party, like the following:

–         Copper pumpkins. One of the eternal symbols for Halloween is the pumpkin, and there are millions of ways to decorate it. For example, you can display your cookware collectables alongside pumpkins coated in metallic acrylic copper paint to give your kitchen a chic look.

–         Figurines. You can effortlessly display your love for movies or TV shows and indirectly tell people what your favourite piece of art is by showcasing themed figurines and house accessories.

–         Halloween masks wreath. Just because there’s a trend for scary outfits and objects doesn’t mean your house must be scary, too. You can crop a colourful, funny mask wreath with some paper masks, a scissor and glue.

–         Silhouette party buffet. Silhouette-themed parties can feature anything of your liking, like cawing crows, hands and hooting owls.

–         Candy wreath. You don’t necessarily need to be a lover of sweets to have a candy wreath. because they’re beautiful and might even act as a magnet for trick-or-treaters.

–         Book doors. Whether you’re a bookworm or not, DIY crafts that double as a décor idea are fun and nice and fun to do.

Halloween is not only about creepy accessories and outfits

In the end, Halloween is about history, mystery and fun. You shouldn’t overlook aspects like the food, beverage, movie list and playlist of that night, because you can give a personal touch to all of them, too.

You should take participants’ opinions into consideration and create a Halloween party planning checklist in advance to ensure you’re having a great time and that everyone enjoys this unique holiday.