Business class was introduced in the ’70s due to the need for a middle ground between first class and economy, so you must know that this type of service is typically reserved for corporate travellers. What distinguished it was the quality and level of food, drinks, seating, entertainment and other amenities. This way, airlines provide flights tailored to customers’ needs and budgets, making it easier for clients to have increased comfort and experience better services.

The main amenities that business class offers can include:

  • Priority check-in
  • Dedicated cabins
  • Extra baggage allowance
  • Higher comfort and increased legroom
  • More in-flight entertainment opportunities
  • A wide range of fine dining and exceptional wines

If you haven’t experienced a business flight, now it’s time. It’s a life-changing experience, and you’ll never want to return to the economic class again. The best part is there are many tips and tricks to finding a cheap business class flight, so you won’t have to break the bank to fly like a royal. But until your next ticket booking, let’s see the steps to making your first business class flight easy and unforgettable.

Pay attention to the obligatory documents

Forgetting your ID card is not like forgetting your favourite shirt, so you should first pack the important stuff before proceeding with picking clothes and cosmetics. Don’t leave the house without ensuring you’ve taken the required flight documents like the following:

  • an ID card, which is the most crucial document for air travel and a passport for international travellers
  • Hard or soft copy tickets, depending on the airline’s policy
  • The boarding pass

This way, you’ll be able to arrive early and make the most out of the facilities of your business class tickets. This isn’t just a means of transportation. You’ve paid extra because you’re a hard-working business person and you deserve to enjoy some buffet meals, drinks and another kind of pampering, top-notch facilities and treatments business class offers.

Explore business class flight options

Many aspects influence your flight, like the number of tickets available at the time of the search, the prices and how they fluctuate, and possibly personal unknown data like when you leave or return from your business trip.

If you worry about huge ticket prices or you don’t like spending too much money on transportation, there are tips for cheaper business class flights, like the following:

  • Contact a company that can offer personalised services like flight discounts. Employees at these companies work to find cheaper fares, so your travel is less costly than that of a full-paying customer who books on the company’s website.
  • If you can, book on weekends and avoid holiday periods because these are often the most popular times business travellers fly.
  • Upgrade last minute when possible because airlines charge smaller fees if they have empty seats close to the departure time.
  • Collect points on air miles credit cards and win cheaper flights.

Look for your dedicated airport check-in

You’ve packed your stuff and found yourself in an overwhelming crowd. If this isn’t your first time flying, you probably know your way around airports, but if you’ve never flown before, your first time in an airport could be a little confusing. Some airports are tricky in that it’s hard to find your dedicated check-in, while others display more signs and boards to make it easier to find the places you need to get to.

Examine an airport map and determine where the VIPs check-in is so you can confidently proceed to the correct line without having to reach an airport representative. Agents at the dedicated counters are usually more knowledgeable about which lounges you can access and what steps you need to take before entering the plane.

Ask to see the plane seats

If you have no idea where you’d like to sit, don’t hesitate to ask for a tour! It’s better than wasting time on a seat you don’t like and risking not being able to switch it later. Aeroplane structures differ, making it hard for you to envision their layout beforehand.

Luckily, some websites allow you to see how the seats are arranged and decide in advance. They offer different levels of comfort and privacy, making it easier to check and choose the right company to fly with.

A window seat will usually provide the most privacy if you’re travelling alone, whereas middle seats are better for passengers travelling together. Because not all business class seats are created equal, consulting a seat map will allow you to determine which seats have more storage space and which are better located.

Choose your dish wisely and enjoy your favourite beverage

Check the airline’s website because some companies publish their business class menus online, allowing customers to review them ahead of time. Some of the world’s best airlines also allow you to pre-book an extraordinary meal from a large menu before your flight. You won’t want to miss out on such opportunities to enjoy gourmet dining at thousands of feet in the air, so make your reservations before the deadline.

Most airlines should be able to accommodate you if you have special dietary restrictions, so make sure to notify them ahead of time to avoid any mishaps onboard. And don’t think only about what you want to eat! An airline’s drink selection is important to the business class experience, and the satisfaction of sipping on your favourite beverage only adds to the “wow factor” of sitting in fancy seats.

If you’re a wine or spirits connoisseur, you might be tempted to peruse the airline’s beverage menu ahead of time, if it’s available, to decide which beverage or cocktail you’d choose after take-off. Do you prefer beer instead? Check if your airline offers regional specialities, and try more to find your favourite.

Most business class flights offer spectacular and well-refined products, with spotless services that make you feel like you’re in a resort instead of a plane. So, if you enjoy relaxing and being spoiled, why wouldn’t you mix some quality time with work, after all?