If you’re the sort of person who loves to travel then you may be looking to enjoy your hobbies at the destinations you choose, and this means that many gamblers may be looking head to some of the renowned global gambling destinations.

Certain locations may spring to mind immediately, such as Las Vegas, and much of the UK, where both online casino gambling and in-person casinos are available. While the United States leaves regulation of the industry to each individual state, the UK has rules to cover the whole country.

Some countries and cities have really led the way in the world of casino gaming, and some hotspots are still known for their casinos and the atmosphere they provide.

Las Vegas

This is probably the palace that springs to your mind first. Millions of people head to Las Vegas every single year and one of the main draws to the area is the fact that it has such iconic casinos lining the Las Vegas Strip.

Vegas has its own place in the history of casinos and there would likely not be such a booming industry if Las Vegas casinos had never existed. It is one of the reasons why so many Americans enjoy playing games such as blackjack and roulette.

The casinos aren’t the only thing about Las Vegas worth visiting, there are a lot of other things going on. Vegas is known for its shows and exciting venues. The Sphere in Las Vegas recently opened to a huge amount of acclaim, offering one of the most innovative concert experiences out there.


London is an iconic tourist destination for a lot of reasons, whether you want to see where Paddington Bear arrived in the UK, go to the renowned zoo or explore more of the nightlife of the capital city of the UK.

On top of this, London has a big casino scene, partially driven by the fact that casino games have been legal in the United Kingdom for decades and are seen as part of the culture in the UK.

Unlike Las Vegas and some of the other destinations on this list, London’s casinos are spread around the city with a few different areas having casinos and poker rooms that players can explore. London is a well-connected city, so it is easy to get around via buses and the underground system. In addition to millions of visitors from abroad, a lot of people from other parts of the UK head to London for long weekends or nights out.

Casinos are just one part of the nightlife scene of London and are usually tied in with plenty of other activities, such as taking in a show on the West End.


Macau is home to some of the most interesting and lavish casinos in the world. In fact, the largest casino floor in the world can be found in Macau.

Macau has a historic influence from Portugal, and their government made gambling legal a long time ago in the 1800s, allowing people to visit from local areas and head to some casinos in the small autonomous region of China known as Macau.

The casinos have become iconic and there have even been movies featuring some of these top locations, such as one scene in a James Bond film where the British superstar spy visits a Macau casino.

Casino gaming and table games are a big part of the identity of this location, and it is natural that plenty of gamblers who are interested in travelling in Asia look to head to Macau. Macau is also known for stunning food, and incredibly vibrant nightlife, and while it is expensive to visit, this is a great place to see while travelling around the region.

Monte Carlo

When we mention the term “high rollers” in association with casinos, we mean those who have the money to play in high stakes games, and there is plenty of that going on in Monte Carlo.

This is a part of Monaco, and it is known for its luxury as well as celebrity lifestyle. On top of being known for casinos, the location is known for the Opéra de Monte-Carlo. This location is also one of the highlights in the calendar for Grand Prix players.

Many films have used the stunning locations in Monte Carlo to their advantage, including Iron Man 2, and there have been multiple James Bond films that have used the casinos in the area as filming locations.

Monte Carlo is beautiful and has a brilliant location on the Mediterranean Sea but it is one of the priciest places to visit in Europe too.


There are many other countries that were not lucky enough to make our list, as well as other areas of the US, such as Atlantic City and New Orleans, which both have thriving gambling scenes. People often visit these casinos just to head to the bar and have a drink or some food, and to see the sights of some of the luxurious buildings that have been created to host casino games and tournaments.