2020 has been a shocker, but music has provided light relief from the doom & Gloom. Here’s some music to sign off 2020 with.

Kid Loco – The rare Birds Remixes, Pt.3 & more

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Let’s start off with a bunch of Kid Loco remixes, in the third instalment of The Rare Birds remixes. This can get a bit dark and hectic, but it seems to be a pretty good reflection of the year so far, so perhaps it will resonate with you too.

Sola Rosa – Chasing the Sun

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Kiwi Funkster Sola Rosa brings a hefty dose of uplifting funk and beats in his new album. Crammed full of guest vocals including Kiko Bun, Thandi Phoenix and Eva Lazarus, there’s a lot of talent bursting out on this album. The stand out track for me is ‘You Don’t Know’ with Josh Barry.

Kylie Auldist – This is What Happiness Looks Like

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Aussie ray of sunshine Kylie Auldist is back with another dose of 80’s electro goodness in her new album This is what happiness looks like. We caught up with Kylie to chat about this new album, and it’s truly a delight to hear someone having so much fun making the music they love. That passion ooses out of every track, and while it might be a long way away from the collaborations with The Bamboos, and Cookin on three burners, it’s just what the doctor ordered after the year we’ve just had!

Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez

%TNT Magazine% gorillaz song machine

Damon and his pals are back with some huge names and some unexpected collaborations including Elton John, The Cure’s Robert Smith and St. Vincent. I can’t totally get on with this Album, as despite the undeniable creativity and craftsmanship I can’t get over the sound of Damon Albarn’s voice which has the same effect as nails down a chalkboard for me, so I’m perhaps not going to measure this one subjectively. If I had to choose a track it would have to be Friday 13th with Octavian.

BOSQ – Y su Descarga Internacional


Originally from Boston Mass, Bosq now calls Medellin, Columbia his home, and once you get into this album you’ll understand why. This album is sure to transport you into the colour, chaos, and culture of Columbia. With carefully crafted cuts of Afrobeat, Salsa and Calypso, it’s a tropical delight! If this doesn’t re-engage your head back into craving travel after all these restrictions, I don’t think you’re going to travel much further than the end of your own nose in 2021. As Kaleta says in track four, ‘Wake up from your slumber’ and let’s look forward to a better year ahead.