To us electronic music novices, can you explain how the German scene stands out from the rest of the world? Unlike the rest of the world, the German scene is not paying too much attention to the UK scene. The German scene is more focused on national acts that combine techno with minimal, as opposed to what is popular worldwide right now. On the flip side, they underrate how interesting the international sound is like.

Has German techno music followed a pretty clear path from Kraftwerk? They still seem very relevant in today’s acts. If you listen to some of the Kraftwerk productions you could think that it was produced in Berlin or the Rhine-Ruhr Area in 2007. History is resonating for sure, but more unconscious, because most of the new acts didn’t grow up with Kraftwerk directly.

You live in Recklinghausen – you never felt the urge to move to a busier centre? Actually the plan back in the day was to move to Amsterdam, which is 90 minutes by car away from my Ruhr area, because I learned the Dutch language for three years in school and made a certificate about my language ability at the Amsterdam University to study there. But due to the fact that my music became more international, which intensified the travelling, I appreciate living in a calm city like Recklinghausen. Although Recklinghausen is not that big a city, it is in the centre of the Ruhr area which has over 17 million people. You can reach 10 cities by car or train in less then 30 minutesand the whole area is pretty young and international. Think about the Love Parade moving from Berlin to the Ruhr area…

You’ve DJ’d the Love Parade. Tell us about the event, is it crazy? There is nothing to compare to the Love Parade on this planet. Where do you have the chance to play in front of 700,000-800,000 people? For me it is the biggest open air party in the world. I played the love parade in Berlin and this year for the first time ‘on my couch’ – the Ruhr area! It was amazing to see that the Love Parade really arrived in this area, if you know what I mean. There where even more people than in Berlin last year and a lot of brilliant parties as well.

The gentleman that owns enjoys ham radio and cryptography, his coffee is a Vente Caramel Frappachino and he does not “go on stage”. Is this you? Because he is from the States, he was the first to assume the name Moguai. That’s why my Myspace link is /djmoguai.

Speaking of name confusions, there is of course the Scottish indie-art rock act Mogwai. Have you ever been booked to play a rock set in Glasgow? I never had a request like that, although I could perform my tracks live as a band. But people differentiate the band from me, the DJ, very well.

You’re a DJ named Moguai, surely you’re up past midnight most nights? Do you ever get the munchies and crazy things happen? For sure, mate! I always get hungry, but, no worries, I eat before going to the club.

So what’s happening with your label Punx at the moment? I stopped releasing tracks frequently because of not having the outstanding hot stuff every few weeks coming in at the moment. But PUNX is more than a label. We’ve done very strong events in Europe for two years under that brand. There will be releases in the future again, I think…

You’ve been to Oz before – are Australian audiences different to those in Europe? Australian audiences are very different to the European. I love to play in Australia, because the people are so euphoric and open-minded, it’s great to play my style of music there. Maybe it is because of that ‘Veggie mine’ (I forgot the exact name of that black paste) that all Australians love.

What can we expect from your shows this summer? You can expect the DJ, who is more than the recording artist with his electro breaks tracks, like “U know Y”, “Get:on” or “Freaks”. It will be a profile of different styles of electronic music, with an eye on the crowd and what I’m known for but including more sides of facets…

Moguai rocks New Year’s Revolution at Cargo in Sydney Monday 31 Dec, Kink in Brisbane on Saturday 5 Jan, Kink in Melbourne Saturday 12 and Kink Pool Party on the Gold Coast Saturday 13. Keep your ears out for new single “Kick out the Jams”. Visit[].