The heart shape, marked by twin scallops on the top meeting at a pointed bottom, is a universal representation of love. It symbolizes everlasting romance, enduring love, devotion, and affection.

The heart shape that’s popular today has existed for all that long. In the earliest heart-shaped jewelry, the icon was more pear-shaped. Gradually, it evolved into an oval, and finally, into the shape that we know and love today.

History of Heart Shaped Diamond Jewelry

This kind of jewelry is believed to date back to the 14th and 15th centuries. The preserved chronicles of those times included heart-shaped ruby brooches and rings with inscriptions of short love poems on them. By the 16th century, the heart shape became a depiction of courtly love as chivalrous knights presented damsels with double and entwined heart lockets.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, when witchcraft was gaining prominence, the heart shape found its place in “Luckenbooth” twisted heart brooches or “the witch’s heart.” These brooches were used as talismans to drive away evil spirits. This era made the double heart a symbol of commitment.

The emblem of endless love was in vogue during the Victorian era. Queen Victoria mostly donned a charming bracelet with heart-shaped charms portraying her children. Several fashion-forward women picked up this trend set by her.

In the 20th century, ageless double hearts with a crown denoting fidelity in marriage was all the rage. It’s said that King Edward XVIII gifted Wallis Simpson a beautifully inscribed heart charm. Their unforgettable tale of love made heart-shaped jewelry popular.

Today, these jewelry pieces come in heart-cut diamonds, gemstones, and also in heart patterns and motifs in versatile designs. Among them, heart necklaces have been all-time favorites. Lovers find them to be the ultimate way to express their feelings.

So, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other occasion or even a “just because” gift, you can absolutely delight her with an artfully crafted heart pendant necklace. Here are 5 great designs to choose from.

1. Double Heart

As mentioned above, the double heart portrays commitment in a relationship. So, if you wish to demonstrate your commitment, a twin heart necklace can perfectly carry your message to her. For example, a sterling silver double heart pendant necklace in sparkling blue and white diamonds would be beautiful.

2. Triple Heart

Imagine a line of three red hearts running down from the dip of her collarbone. Magnificent, right? Then go ahead and surprise her with a sterling silver heart pendant necklace in white diamonds and red rubies. This would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift since this special day is all about love and the color red. Also, if your girlfriend likes gemstone jewelry, she would be impressed with this dazzling gift.

3. Heart Key

Want to unlock the way to her heart with an adorable gift of jewelry? Time to do that with a key pendant, the head of which is elegantly carved into a heart. Simply choose a diamond heart key pendant necklace in sterling silver in this splendid design as a gift. Key necklaces are always on-trend, and this particular diamond necklace (with a heart-shaped twist!) can look amazing on your partner.

4. “I LOVE YOU” Engraved Heart

You read how popular inscribed heart jewelry has been through the centuries. Even the 20th-century heart charm gift of King Edward VIII opened to reveal the words of Blaise Pascal, “The Heart Has Its Reasons.” Now it’s your turn. If you wish to show your love to your special lady, do so with the right necklace. Get ready to win her over with a yellow gold heart-shaped diamond pendant necklace with the precious “I LOVE YOU” carved just beneath. The three words are enough to express that she means the world to you.

5.      Heart Cross

You can gift heart-shaped jewelry not just to your partner but to anyone you love. So, whether you wish to amaze your best friend, mother, or sister, you can gift her a diamond heart cross pendant necklace in rose gold over sterling silver. The cross will also represent God’s blessings and become a prized possession if your loved one is a fashionista.

When you buy heart necklaces, consider shopping online at a diamond and gemstone jewelry store where you can explore diverse jewelry designs under one roof. Also, check for other benefits, such as attractive discounts, free shipping, and easy returns. So, go ahead and amaze your favorite woman with a thoughtful gift.