A catamaran offers a great way to travel around waterways and coastal areas. But what is it, and why are they so popular with holidaymakers keen for adventure and relaxation?

What is a catamaran?

A catamaran is a type of water vessel distinguished by its two parallel hulls. The hulls, or the bottom of the boat, are the points of contact between the water and the catamaran’s frame.

It is easy to charter a catamaran in security and comfort. The main things to decide are where you want to explore and the type of catamaran you want to use.

Catamarans generally come in two different types. A sailing catamaran harnesses the power of the wind to focus its momentum. Powered catamarans can use an engine to propel the boat forward.

Both types are simple to charter comfortably and effectively.

Here are a selection of compelling reasons why exploring how to BorrowaBoat will be so popular this coming summer.

Relax in comfort

Calming stability is offered when sailing with a catamaran. The vessel’s parallel hulls form an essential steadiness to the movement through the waterways.

This offers a tranquil way to take it easy on the water. Chartering a catamaran can be available with captained or uncaptained boats.

If travelers are qualified, they can take charge of the chartered catamaran themselves. If not, it is easy to hire a boat with a skipper.

Decide where you want to go

One of the top reasons why people decide to charter a catamaran for their holidays is the freedom of choice it allows. Hiring a boat offers a truly personalized sailing experience.

Rather than operating to a travel agent’s itinerary for trips and adventures, with a private catamaran hire, you decide exactly where you want to go.

More space

Catamaran rental is becoming more and more popular year after year. A major reason for this is that catamarans generally provide more living space than the average single-hull yacht.

The two hulls of a catamaran can be widely set apart, offering a huge space in between. Travelers can enjoy the larger space for socializing, dining and taking in the calming feel of the water.

Easy to sail

The previously mentioned stability of the catamarans makes it far more comfortable to sail. Even relatively inexperienced skippers will find the boats comfortable to manage on the waters.

Catamarans are generally less likely to heel over, making them a better option for holiday-makers with safety as a prime concern.

Easy to handle

Motorized catamarans are brilliantly easy to handle for all qualified skippers. Catamarans are also great for beginners and captains with less experience.

This is because the two hulls make the chances of capsizing extremely unlikely. They can also move along the water very quickly. They have a nimble agility about them and an ease of handling that makes them a great option.


The dual hulls of a catamaran typically experience little resistance when moving through water. Compared to the sometimes turbulent nature of a single-hull yacht, they offer greater efficiency in power and movement.

The efficiency also translates into fuel when an on-board motor is used. Catamarans tend to accelerate slowly and steadily meaning less of a spike in fuel consumption.

When chartering a catamaran, this fuel economy makes it easier to plan out how much fuel will be needed and how much it will cost.

Weight distribution

Because catamarans benefit from a greater amount of space on deck, more passengers can be taken on board. This is because the two hulls provide better balance and equilibrium. The better weight distribution allows for a more comfortable sailing experience.

This is a significant reason why hiring a catamaran continues to be as popular as it is. Families and groups of friends can find better options for four or more people chartering a catamaran.

Advantages in docking

Cats often have an advantage over single hull yachts in their shallower draft. This makes it easier for cats to get closer to the shore and bays of coastline that boats with a more substantial draft would find difficult.

Oceanic islands and archipelagos can be explored in more detail from catamarans than from other boats. A perfect option for adventurous sailors, the better possibilities for docking are another important factor in the rise of catamaran hire.

Operational systems

It stands to reason that two hulls are better than one in the event of any power failure. If something goes wrong on one hull, the other can step in to relieve any problems. Catamarans with hulls with power systems independent of the other are therefore more reliable in all conditions.

Chartered catamarans continue to be popular with travelers keen to experience comfort, luxury and security. They offer a larger and well-maintained area to enjoy a water-based vacation in style.

The greater agility and lower running costs associated with catamarans are also major reasons why they continue to be so popular.