A trend that is becoming more and more popular amongst brides is engagement ring sets. While many people still like to surprise their other half by choosing an engagement for them, an increasing number of brides are choosing their engagement rings and wedding bands together as part of a perfectly matching set. With so many styles to choose from it can feel daunting to even figure out where to begin. Read on for an insight into some of the most beautiful and popular engagement rings sets available.

Classic Sets

Buying your engagement ring and wedding ring as part of a set is the best way to ensure that the two bands match and fit perfectly together. Classic engagement ring sets consist of a traditional engagement ring with the usual diamond or gemstone details paired with a plain wedding band.  A classic engagement ring set is the ideal option for brides who want something relatively low maintenance that they can wear every day.

Opting for a plain band means that you can almost always keep your wedding ring on no matter the activity and there is little chance of it being damaged. Even though this option is more traditional, as we all know jewelry design is only getting more detailed and eye-catching so, this still leaves room for some creativity and personality when making your choice. A nice bonus of the classic engagement set is that you can still match your wedding band to your husband’s ring if you desire.

Diamond Detailed

Wonderful diamond details are a staple in both the engagement ring and ring set market. Why not double up on the bling with two sparkling rings filled with diamonds? This style of engagement set will of course be a bigger investment but worth it if you are a diamond-obsessive and can’t get enough of their sparkle and shine. These types of sets can also be very versatile as there are so many options to choose from, whether it be different metals or gold colors, down to the setting of your engagement ring and how the wedding band compliments it. If you are thinking about going for a diamond set, hidden halos and accented galleries not only give the pieces extra sparkle from all angles but also add plenty of personality. Diamond sets also mean that you can wear the wedding bands by itself and still make an impact.

Contoured Stacks

Finally, contoured stacks are a lovely engagement ring set option that we are seeing more brides be drawn to. Contoured stacks refer to rings which are shaped to perfectly slot together, be worn as a set and highlight the piece’s center stones. Customers can use their creativity to create a set truly unique to their style. This is a more youthful approach and gives the wearer the freedom to mix and match, perhaps with pieces they already own or future pieces such as eternity rings.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to engagement ring sets.