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Date night inspiration

There’s no coincidence on the timing of this, it’s early February, which can only mean one thing… Valentines Day! We believe that romance is a good thing all year round, and as such this is a guide for all you struggling romantics, who need a little help to come up with the best romantic gestures for your loved one, whatever time of the year it is. So, fear not! Read on, and we’ll help you navigate the ultimate date nights, gifts, and declarations of love!

Gifts they will love

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Lego Roses

What’s not to love about this. Perfect romantic gesture for that special person in your life. We love these Lego roses, they look great, and will not wilt, providing all year round romance!

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Stoov - Big Hug

The perfect distance gift! Who wouldn’t be delighted to get a big warm hug! This cordless heating pad from Stoov is the perfect partner to any cold office or anywhere you want to sit and be warm. It’s very versitile with its rechargable battery.

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SheSpot X Killing Kittens - Pleasure Experience set

Let’s spice things up a bit with this wonderful box of bedroom treats. This has everything you could possibly need for a naughty date night. Delve into this box of tricks and explore new levels of intimacy in the bedroom.

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This game for couples takes intimacy to a new level with a board game which takes couples on a voyage of discovery, covering all aspects of a healthy intimate relationship. This game really gets the conversations started and sets you challenges that extend way beyond the game.

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Surprise Adventure - Date Night

We said this is a gift guide for the whole year, and this book provides 52 unique and spontaneous date night inspirations to help you get out of the day to day grind and back into making time for each other every week. With a mix of activities from low to no cost nights to more extravagant ideas, this book has it all.

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Bobette by Rosa Faia

This lingerie set from Rosa Faia is the perfect balance of sexy and understated sophistication. Something elegant and comfortable but also full of fiery passion in this ruby red colourway.

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Baked by Steph - I Love You Letterbox Message Cookies

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but this looks too good to eat! Let them know how much you love them with this delicious cookie message card. Letterbox friendly and guaranteed to put a smile on their face…

Date night tipples

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Desi Daru Alphonso Mango Vodka

Forget what you know about flavoured Vodka, this is something totally different, with real fruit taste and none of the sickly sweet synthetic flavour. It even won ‘Best Flavoured Vodka’ at the 2023 world vodka awards! Perfect over ice or in the ultimate Mango Aperol Spritz.

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Neurita - Picante with Tequilla

Let’s spice things up a bit with this fiery blend of Tequila Blanco, Scotch Bonnet Chilli and natural tangerine fruit extracts. This will make one hell of a Margarita!

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Villa Maria Blush Sauvignon

Take a classic NZ Sauvignon Blanc and add a drop of Merlot and you get a delicious Rosé perfect for a romantic meal in.

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The Ned Rosé

Another glorious Rosé from NZ, specifically the Marlborough region. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has a distinctive citrus and tropical note which blended with this Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir makes this no exception.

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Mirror Margarita - Date night gift set

With its origins as the signature cocktail at Hacha Dalston, this Mirror Margarita is a blend of sweet and sour in a deceptively clear glass. Just add ice and serve this ready to drink cocktail, no messing about, leaving you plenty of time to focus on your loved one.

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Stauning Danish Rye Whisky

I’ve only recently discovered the delights of Danish distilleries, but they know a thing or two about making Whisky and is the perfect tipple for the single malt lover in your life. Stauning have conveniently left plenty of the bottle free and provided a gold pen for you to embellish the bottle with a special note.

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Clean Co - Clean G Rhubarb

All the punch of a gin without the alcohol! This Gold award winner (IWSC 2021) has everything you would want from a G&T but alcohol free, so perfect for anyone still recovering from Christmas and New Year or just not into the effects of alcohol! For once this tastes like a proper gin with strong botanicals and plenty of juniper, citrus and fruity rhubarb.

Date Night inspiration

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Flesh & Buns: Valentines tasting menu

London’s modern Japanese Izakaya restaurants in Oxford Circus and Covent Garden are perfectly placed for a London date night. Between Feb 14th & 17th they will be offering the perfect intimate meal for two with their special romantic tasting menu. Some highlights include Maki Selection, Tenderstem Broccoli with Orange miso and Bubu arare, Korean Chicken Wings, Beef short Ribs, Salmon Teriyaki, and strawberry S’mores.

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Dans Le Noir

Take date night to a whole new sensory level with the most intimate of meals at Dans Le Noir. This unique restaurant brings new meaning to the blind leading the blind as blind or visually impaired waiters will guide you through a night of exploration in total darkness. This may be a catfish’s dream date, but take the sense of vision away, and your will be reliant on touch and smell to navigate this unique experience.

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Killing Kittens: Valentine's Ball

We couldn’t feature the SheSpot X Killing Kittens Pleasure set without mentioning the KK events. Their ‘ladies first’ mantra makes their erotic nights perfect for anyone curious to their kinks wanting to explore without creepy men trying to take advantage or overstep the mark without full consent! The KK Valentine’s Ball will be the date night to end all date nights. If you fancy your celebration of love with a little lust thrown in for good measure (and, I mean, who doesn’t) then this is the perfect way to spend your evening. Whether you’re coming along as a solo or with a partner (or two) in tow, get ready to experiment, indulge and fulfil all your wildest fantasies.

%TNT Magazine% supperclub Anti-Valentine Dinner

If you’ve had quite enough of all this talk of romance, or are contently single, then this might be the perfect way to stick one finger up at Cupid and mingle with like-minded souls in one of the most intimate of supper clubs! Located on a disused tube carriage at the Walthamstow Pumphouse and serving up a delectable 6-course South American menu. Spaces are very limited (It’s not like they can pack this old tube like the Victoria Line at rush hour…