Irish pubs combine all the charms of a regular bar and sports bar. These types of establishments are popular in Europe as they are places where you can watch T-shirt, hockey and other sports and drink beer, taste delicious food and just have a good time at the same time.But the Irish pub Willow Yard is not just a pub, but a place where you can completely relax. It combines a gallery, a place for live music, and an institution where you can just eat delicious food and drink no less tasty drinks. The Willow Yard is made in the best traditions of Irish pubs, where you can hide from everyday life and plunge headlong into Irish culture.

Here you will be welcomed with open arms. The Willow Yard pub has a laid-back and friendly atmosphere where you can easily relax and be yourself, enjoy good company and conversation, and enjoy music and songs. Here you will find on the menu good healthy food with original drinks. This place can be called a home away from home.

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About Sports pub Willow Yard

The history of Willow Yard is connected with the symbol of the pub, the Willow, which in many cultures is an important icon. Back in the days of the Druids, this tree was considered holy and many believed that the universe was born in the branches of this tree. In fact, willow wood was used by the Druids for making musical instruments. For example, the bodhran or “druid drum” was originally made from willow branches. In addition to ritual and entertainment purposes, the bodhran served as a drum of war to raise the spirits of the warriors.

The Willow Yard, an authentic Irish pub, was decided to bring an authentic Irish pub culture experience to the establishment. From the start, this project has been exciting. As a result, we are witnessing the creation of this meticulously detailed recreation of a classic Irish pub. The Irish know a lot about booze and The Willow Yard can offer its visitors several beers, including the famous Irish Guinness. And for a group of friends, there are huge sets of snacks. For lovers of stronger drinks, there is real whiskey.

What sporting events can be watched in the pub?

Visiting The Willow Yard, you can watch competitions in a variety of sports in a friendly environment. In this pub, evenings in the company are especially loved:

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So if you want to spend an evening among the same fans, come to The Willow Yard sooner. This is one of the best sports pub in Zurich.